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Finding an Innovative Way to Keep Business Going Through COVID-19


January 22nd – Like many British Columbian businesses the event industry has spent the last year reworking their business plans in hopes of having a business at the end of this pandemic.

The limits on the number of guests allowed at an event, the lockdowns, and an overall concern for the community’s health and safety made it impossible for any event coordinator to host large gatherings in 2020.

The last year the industry has worked hard to change their direction and adapt to the current world, while keeping their companies and teams working.

One company not only continued to work, but have been successful in finding a way to keep their mission statement at the forefront of their new direction.

“Our mission has always been to support all things British Columbian, in a fun and unique way” says BC Wine, Cider & Spirits Festival general manager Katherine Bramall. “thebcbasket.com has given us the ability not only to bring a tasting event right into peoples homes; but also feature numerous British Columbian products each month”.

thebcbasket.com is a new company offering monthly subscription baskets made up of 1 red wine, 1 white wine, 1 sparkling wine, 1 craft beer, 1 craft cider, 1 craft liquor as well as numerous other British Columbian produced products. These baskets are delivered right to your home, and feature a tasting card so you can learn as you sample.

The company began shipping their subscription baskets in November of 2020 and have already featured more than 45 locally owned and operated businesses.

Many subscription boxes provide their customers samples that are donated to the box company, however each product in thebcbasket’s basket is purchased to ensure they are not only promoting BC products, but driving sales to those local companies they are featuring.

Subscriptions can be purchased for $149.98 a month, and are offered in a 6 month, or 12 month commitment through thebcbasket.com

“We are looking forward to being able to host large scale tasting events again, however after seeing how many local businesses we are able to support financially through this program we have decided we will continue to offer subscription baskets with thebcbasket.com even after events have returned” Bramall stated.

All details in regards to potential upcoming events, baskets, and how your BC business can be featured in an upcoming basket can be found through the BC Wine, Cider & Spirits Festival website.

About thebcbasket.com:

Thebcbasket.com is a Covid-19 inspired company with a goal of supporting and promoting all British Columbian producers and products. Thebcbasket.com offers a way to purchase and taste your way through the province from the safety of your own home.

Shopping safely and supporting local is made easy through thebcbasket.com.


About The BC Wine Cider & Spirits Festival:

The BC Wine Cider & Spirits Festival brings BC, multiple large-scale, whole sensory events, and consumer tasting experiences throughout the year. With 100+ members made up of BC Wine, Cider, Spirits & Beer producers each event is made up of a selection of members sampling and promoting their products in support of the BC Hospitality Foundation.

With the changes in event regulations due to Corona-19 the team at the BC Wine, Cider & Spirits Festival have momentarily switched directions focusing on community building events, and new and innovative ways to continue to promote British Columbian producers and their amazing products.

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