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Villapudua Authors Bill to Legalize the Use of Personal Wine Containers 


Legislation seeks parity, reduction in consumer waste 

January 19 – SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) recently introduced Assembly Bill 239,  which would allow licensed winegrowers to fill their customers personal, refillable wine containers at wineries  and tasting rooms. 

“Taking this next step will help to expand business opportunities for family wineries, reduce consumer waste,  and bring parity to our marketplace,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “While existing law allows for  breweries to sell their product in this manner, it’s time we offer the same opportunity to the winegrowers of  California.” 

Many Californians regularly visit local breweries to refill their “growlers” with beer, but are unable to refill  their personal containers when visiting their local winery or tasting room. Providing this as an option to  customers will help further advance the sustainable practices of the wine industry. Refilling a single-reusable  wine keg would save 39 glass bottles. 

During the current public health crisis, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has  temporarily lifted restrictions on the use of these personal, reusable wine containers to provide a form of  financial relief for local winegrowers. It is time to offer this as a permanent opportunity for them. 

Learn more about AB 239 here.

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  1. When and how did this ever become illegal? Since the mid 1800’s, the early days of the wine industry in Sonoma, and no doubt over the hill in Napa, folks have brought their empty jugs to their local winery to have them filled. Pagani in Kenwood. Valley of the Moon in Glen Ellen. Foppiano and Cambiaso in Healdsburg. Martini & Pratti west of the Laguna but stuck with a Santa Rosa address and ZIP code. Nothing pathological to human beings can live in wine. Again, when and how did this ever become illegal? You can’t fix stupid.


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