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Amorim Reveals Breakthrough Technologies to Eradicate Detectable TCA

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The world’s greenest, most efficient anti-TCA technologies are launched simultaneously for both natural whole corks and technical cork stoppers

Amorim Cork America LogoNapa, 19 January 2021 – Amorim, the world’s leading producer of cork products, announced today the launch of Naturity and Xpür, technologies designed to remove detectable TCA from natural corks and to create a new segment of micro-agglomerated stoppers, respectively.

Research for the patent-pending Naturity technology began in 2016 with the NOVA School of Science and Technology, and is based on the principles of thermal desorption through a proprietary, non-sequential use of pressure, temperature, purified water and time. No artificial elements are used in the process, which facilitates the extraction of 150+ volatile compounds, including TCA. Launching in USA and worldwide, Naturity expands non-detectable TCA performance in the natural cork product segment, while further strengthening the operational deliverables of NDTech, the advanced screening service that individually analyzes and removes any natural cork with more than 0.5 nanograms per liter (ng/L) of TCA*.

Extensive bottling trials with various wineries have yielded exemplary results in measuring the treatment’s impact on cork performance, with additional third-party validation trials to be conducted as soon as possible with the Geisenheim Institute in Germany and the Campden & Chorleywood labs in the UK.

Another development announced today is Amorim’s Xpür technology, developed to expand the non-detectable TCA performance for micro-agglomerated stoppers. Xpür improves upon the conventional supercritical CO2 application developed several decades ago, reengineering and upgrading the concept with 21st-century technology. Amorim’s new, innovative take on the system uses only 25% of the energy and just 10% of the CO2 previously required.

Furthermore, Xpür achieves results of TCA reduction levels to 0.3 ng/L in treated micro-agglomerated stoppers, while leaving the physical-mechanical properties of cork intact. As a result, Amorim’s range of micro-agglomerated corks features the highest possible percentage of cork and do not require additional chemical solutions to maintain cork’s natural properties, namely the all-important compressibility and expansion rates.

Xpür will be employed in the treatment of technical stoppers Neutrocork Premium and QORK – the latter employing an innovative binding agent made using 100% polyols from vegetable origin, and which is expected to reduce the amount of single-use plastic stoppers in the world by several million units

Commenting on this important landmark, António Amorim, Chairman and CEO, noted that: “These technologies come as a result of robust financial investments, time, and dedication to R&D from our team. Despite the obstacles of 2020, we were able to fulfill the promise we made to have non-detectable TCA performance for all the cork stopper segments by the end of the year. This is our commitment to our 30,000 customers around the world – to guarantee the quality and consistency of their products and ensure that consumers’ preference for cork will only grow stronger.”

For additional information, please contact Katie Canfield of O’Donnell Lane at 530-720-1138 or by email at [email protected].

*Releasable TCA content at or below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit; analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.

About Corticeira Amorim

Corticeira Amorim is the world’s largest cork processing group with annual sales topping 780 million euros. Founded in 1870, the company currently has dozens of business units distributed across five continents. It exports numerous products to more than 100 countries and has a diversified network of 30,000 customers. With strong sustainability credentials and a negative carbon footprint, Corticeira Amorim provides a set of solutions, materials and applications to some of the world’s most technological, disruptive and demanding activities, such as the aerospace, automobile, wine and spirits, construction, sports, energy and interior and product design. www.amorimcork.com

About Amorim Cork America

Amorim Cork America is the North American sales and distribution division located in Napa, California. We provide top notch solutions that guarantee a customized approach tailored to each client’s needs. Amorim Cork America’s sales and management team provides expert knowledge to winemakers, distillers, technical support, quality assurance managers and wine and spirits marketers in all facets of cork closures. www.amorimca.com

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