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A.G. Perino Offers a Fresh, Approachable Take on Classic Italian-Style Dry and Sweet Vermouth


Seattle (December 14, 2020) – Precept Wine is proud to announce the launch of A.G. Perino Dry and Sweet Vermouths. Crafted by acclaimed winemaker, Hal Landvoigt, A.G. Perino is 15 years in the making. Inspired by late-night cocktails and conversation at a bar in Dusseldorf, Germany, Precept Founder and CEO Andrew Browne challenged Landvoigt to create a vermouth of exceptional quality and value. What followed was over a decade studying production methods; consulting with expert craftsman, winemakers, and bartenders; and tasting samples from around the world in an epic journey to create the best vermouth for everyday use. 

A.G. Perino uses premium wines and natural flavors to produce a vermouth in classic Italian style. “While A.G. Perino is perfect in classic cocktails such as a Negroni or Manhattan, it was also designed to be outstanding simply on the rocks. Although many producers “back into” vermouth using leftovers and what is at hand, I developed A.G. Perino from the ground up, similar in nature to the method of producing the world’s best gins,” remarked Landvoigt. “The base wine is equally as important as the additional layers of flavors captured by the herbs and botanicals. I wanted a vermouth with pronounced flavor.” 

Landvoigt’s colleague, Alex Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Precept, named the vermouth in recognition of the Perino family, longtime friends, who love to celebrate their family’s rich Italian heritage. “Every Sunday the Perinos come together and share great wine, great food, and great company including Anthony G. Perino’s delicious Negroni cocktails. It is a privilege to name this vermouth in their honor,” remarked Evans.

With fresh, modern packaging and an exceptional $9.99 SRP, A.G. Perino brings excitement and innovation to a growing category, up 35% in dollar volume over the past 26 weeks. (Source: Nielsen ending 11.28.20 Total US xAOC + Liq Plus & Total US Convenience)

A.G. Perino Dry Vermouth is fresh, bright, and herbal. It leads with notes of citrus zest, followed by flavors of bay leaf, lemongrass, cucumber, lanolin, grapefruit pith, and white pepper. It pairs well in bourbon, rye whiskey, gin, and tequila cocktails or on the rocks with a lemon twist.

A.G. Perino Sweet Vermouth is nuanced with layers of botanical aromatics. Golden caramel in color, it leads with woodsy notes of balsam and clove and follows with warm flavors of walnut husk, vanilla, honey, and Ceylon cinnamon. Enjoy on the rocks with an orange-peel garnish or mixed with straight bourbon, rye whiskey, and other full-bodied spirits.

“As more people experiment with at-home mixology, there has never been a better time to discover A.G. Perino. For on-premise accounts, no other vermouth can offer the value and quality of this vermouth. I challenge anyone to find a better-tasting vermouth under $20,” said Browne.

A.G. Perino Dry & Sweet Vermouths are distributed nationally and available online at www.AG-PERINO.com.

About Precept Wine: 

Seattle-based Precept Wine is the largest privately held wine producer in the Pacific Northwest and a top 12 American wine producer. With deep roots representing more than 30 years of Northwest investments in the wine industry, Precept owns and maintains nearly 4,000 planted vineyard acres across Washington, Idaho, New Mexico and Oregon; such leading wine brands as Waterbrook, Gruet, Browne Family Vineyards, Canoe Ridge Vineyard, House Wine, Pendulum, Primarius, Washington Hills, Battle Creek Cellars, Callaway Cellars, Ste. Chapelle, Cense and A.G. Perino vermouth, plus tasting rooms and hospitality throughout the Pacific Northwest and New Mexico. Founded in 2003 by Andrew Browne and Dan Baty, the company’s wineries have garnered more than 800 combined best buys and critical scores exceeding 90 points. Learn more at www.preceptwine.com.

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