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SevenFifty Announces Custom eCommerce Portals for Wholesale Alcohol Distributors 


Beverage alcohol’s tech leader to launch SevenFifty Online Stores, white-label B2B ecommerce sites that enable trade buyers to place orders directly on a distributor’s website 

NEW YORK, NY, December 14, 2020 – SevenFifty Technologies (www.sevenfifty.com), the leading online marketplace and data platform for the U.S. beverage alcohol industry, today announced Online Stores, a customizable B2B ecommerce portal that will propel alcohol distributors forward with a digital marketplace dedicated to their portfolio. 

A custom-branded store powered by SevenFifty data provides a fast and affordable route to a dedicated ecommerce website, complete with up-to-date price and product information, targeted promotions, tailored brand design elements, and unprecedented access to user analytics. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating ecommerce and digitization trends at all levels of the industry, wholesalers’ digital strategy requirements have grown. Fully-integrated B2B ecommerce is increasingly becoming a must-have difference maker when it comes to profitably navigating a new normal of wholesale alcohol sales. 

SevenFifty is enabling distributors to adapt to these trends with Online Stores, which will help distributors meet the growing expectations of restaurant and retail buyers as they increasingly move business workflows online. SevenFifty has been connecting buyers to distributor portfolios on its online marketplace since 2012. Now, buyers will also be able to place orders directly from a distributor’s website, where they will have access to a full range of familiar ecommerce shopping features such as order history and re-order options, advanced search capabilities, and invoice management—all within the company’s uniquely branded digital ecosystem.

Over 1,000 U.S. distributors already integrate directly with SevenFifty to list their portfolios on the aggregated marketplace, where buyers search and place orders online. Adding Online Stores to their digital offerings can streamline management across multiple ecommerce channels, with product descriptions, images, pricing, and other product data automatically synching across the sites. With order volume on the SevenFifty Marketplace reaching $1 billion in 2020, distributors can now leverage this growing opportunity through linked ecommerce channels powered by SevenFifty. 

“Many distributors want to bring their digital offerings full circle with their own ecommerce solution so trade buyers have the option to order directly from their website,” said SevenFifty President Gianfranco Verga. 

“But off-the-shelf ecommerce offerings are not equipped to handle the complexity of wholesale alcohol data and regulations, and the idea of developing custom software is often cost- and time-prohibitive. By leveraging existing SevenFifty product data, we can help our distributor partners secure this final piece of the puzzle and get their Online Store up and running very quickly so they can stay competitive in the post-Covid landscape.” 

Orders made via Online Stores can transmit directly to wholesaler’s inventory and route accounting systems (ERPs) to ensure an efficient ordering process while still maintaining the rep-buyer relationship. SevenFifty order integrations are currently supported by most major ERPs and order entry systems. 

Distributors can now gain access to the invaluable behavioral and ecommerce data resulting from user activity on their own site. Online Stores will offer real-time data of customers’ site behavior and will activate new marketing opportunities that are unparalleled in the wholesale alcohol industry. 

About SevenFifty 

SevenFifty brings innovative technology and data insights to the beverage alcohol industry with next-generation solutions that power the three-tier supply chain. The company’s people-first approach to technology enables producers, distributors, importers, retailers, and restaurants with the tools they need to connect with each other and do business in a modern world.

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