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Find Your Farm in John Elway’s New Wine Line, the Farm Collection, by 7Cellars in Partnership with Rob Mondavi Jr.


December 10 – “The “Farm Collection” pays homage to a place where many of my life’s early  friendships and fondest memories took place… Stanford University, aka, The Farm.”  Says football legend, restaurateur, and philanthropist John Elway.  

The new collection consists of 3 varietals. Their full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, with  hints of rich, dark fruit was rated 92 Points by The Tasting Panel / Somm Journal, and is  their most popular varietal to date. Their Chardonnay has also gained some valuable  notoriety, receiving a “Best Buy” award in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s “Year’s Best  Chardonnay” in August, 2020. Its hints of lemon, pineapple, and vanilla create a  creamy finish and a light, crisp, refreshing taste. Their Pinot Noir, with hints of cherry,  cola, and dried herbs has gone on to receive 89 points on Wine.com.  

The Farm Collection is sourced from 3 major prominent AVA’s, including Paso Robles  for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey (Santa Lucia Highlands) for their Pinot Noir,  and Arroyo Seco for their Chardonnay. 

With the overwhelming success of the 7Cellar’s Elway’s Reserve Collection, the  company expanded their offerings to include more varietals at an everyday price point. The Farm Collection launched back in April 2020 with 5,000 cases, and has  quickly planned to increase case production by 400% overall due to high demand. 

John and his sport’s agent, friend, and long-time business partner, Jeff Sperbeck,  teamed up to create 7Cellars back in 2013, and were able to secure the iconic Rob  Mondavi Jr as their winemaker. 7Cellars was originally a compliment to John’s already  prominent restaurants, Elway’s Steakhouse, but since then the brand has taken on a  life on its own.  

“In a year full of such strife, the launch and sales of The Farm Collection has been a  breathe a fresh air.” Says Co-Founder, CEO Jeff Sperbeck.  

Among their many feats of 2020, 7Cellars also has a new winery opening this Winter,  with their partners, OneHope, in Rutherford, California. Here you will be greeted with  a memorable hospitality experience featuring world-class wines and a chef curated  menu on a breathtaking property designed by acclaimed architect, Howard Backen —  in the heart of Napa Valley.  

OneHope is a wine company that makes a positive impact on the world with every  bottle sold, and 7Cellars is honored to be a part of their mission and is their only  premium wine partner to date. 7Cellars is keeping the spirit of philanthropy alive.  With every bottle purchased they make a donation to Team Rubicon, a nonprofit  organization that supports, trains, and deploys US Veterans on disaster relief missions  around the world.  

These accomplishments are proof in themselves that 7Cellars isn’t just another  celebrity wine company. Their successful partnerships, outstanding winemaking,  Napa Valley footprint, and superior quality allow them to proudly stand out against  the competition.  

In the words of John Elway, “The one driving force in my life has always been to strive  for perfection. I have adopted that philosophy in every facet of my life, both  personally and professionally. I have applied that same standard with my family’s  winery, 7Cellars wines.” Seems as if he’s well on is way when it come to his wines.




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