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PH Importing Announces Addition of de Bortoli Wines of Australia to National Porfolio


SALINAS, CA — December 1, 2020 – PH Importing, a national fine wine import company, is  proud to announce its exclusive appointment as the national importer of De Bortoli Family Wines  in the United States. This will include three wine brands of the De Bortoli winery of Australia:  Woodfired Heathcote Reds, De Bortoli Premium Fortified Wines and the iconic De Bortoli Noble  One.  

De Bortoli is a family-owned wine estate, founded by Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in New  South Wales in 1928. Immigrants from the alpine foothills of Italy’s north, they settled in the fertile  Riverina region of Australia. Through humble beginnings crafting a small amount of table wines  for fellow immigrants, they gradually established a diverse wine estate and lasting family legacy.  

The DeBortoli Winery is truly iconic Australian,” remarked Bob Piotrowski, Founder of PH  Importing. “We are very excited to represent the wines from Victor and the DeBortoli Family.This  family personifies what is great about multi-generational wine families, and the long-term vision  of quality and sustainability that comes with an eye to the future. We look forward to bringing the  vision correctly to the United States and sharing some really good wine with our friends.” 

The US Woodfired range includes a Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from Heathcote in the heart  of the Central Victoria The region is renowned for Shiraz and also acclaimed for reds, which find  a perfect home in the calcium-rich red Cambrian “greenstone” soils that produce small,  concentrated grapes full of rich and complex character. Bold, full flavored and ready to drink now,  these were inspired by the Australian barbecue tradition and are perfectly crafted to accompany  a chargrilled ribeye.  

De Bortolio Premium Fortifieds include Black Noble, both from the Riverina region, and 8 Year  Old Fine Tawny and Old Boys 21 year aged Tawny sourced from multiple regions. These “stickies”  mature in oak barrels at the winery and are a living history of the De Bortoli family with some  parcels of wine dating back decades. 

Lastly, the Noble One bottling, one of the most awarded Australian wines in history, is a Botrytis  Semillon from the Riverina. Created in 1982 by Darren De Bortoli, of the family’s third generation,  the bottling was inspired by a 1975 Château Coutet he had tasted while a student at Adelaide’s  Roseworthy College. While the project was not initially met with enthusiasm by the family, he held  steadfast to his faith in the vineyards and his vision of producing a world-class dessert wine.  Today it is still one of the most awarded wines in history. More than three decades after this  pioneering wine took the world by storm, internationally acclaimed Noble One remains the  benchmark of Australian “Botrytis” dessert winemaking. Their inaugural vintage, 1982, has been  named to the Decanter Magazine “Hall of Fame” for its quality and provenance.  

“The De Bortoli family are extremely happy to be working with Bob and the team at PH Importing.  Starting a new partnership is always exciting and creating a strong relationship with Bob, and with 

PH Importing’s experience, professionalism and energy, gives our family the confidence to share  our quality brands with our USA consumers.” commented Victor De Bortoli, Executive Director of  De Bortoli wines.  

PH Importing is strategically aligned with Scheid Family Wines of California. Scheid is providing  the logistic, analytical and distribution structure for national integration and support of the PH  Importing portfolio. 


PH Importing is a national fine wine import company based in the United States. Established in  2019, the company seeks to represent terroir-driven, estate wineries from around the world. PH  Importing is driven  

by the founding principle that the best wines are distinguished by a specific sense of place. As  part of this commitment, the portfolio is limited to one producer from each specifically chosen  production region and links international winery partners to active players in the dynamic US wine  market. Wineries include Argentina’s Ichanka & Colección Quinquela, and Australia’s De Bortoli  Wines. The portfolio is distributed through a nationwide wholesaler network. For more information  visit www.ph-importing.com 


DE BORTOLI WINES is a family owned wine company established in the Riverina in New South Wales  in South Eastern Australia in 1928 and currently managed by the third generation. The winery’s  production headquarters and packing facilities are located in the Riverina, where one of  Australia’s most iconic and famous wines ‘Noble One’ is the premier brand. The De Bortoli family  story is one of determination and triumph that started 90 years ago in war-torn Europe and is now  told, generations later, across Australia. This history encompasses the universal story of  immigrants making good in an adopted land through hard work, innovation and the support of  family and friends. De Bortoli Wines’ official motto, Semper ad Majora (“always striving for better”)  and the unofficial one (good food, good wine and good friends) remain as true and central as  ever. For more information, visit https://www.debortoli.com.au/

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