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Announcing the Release of Wine History Foundations: the Old World


November 25 – Cellar Muse announces a new course, which is available online through the Napa Valley Wine Academy’s online wine academy. The course is now available for registration on the Academy’s website. https://napavalleywineacademy.com/product/wine-history-foundations-online-course/

Designed for students of wine and anyone working in the wine industry who wants to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the deep, often complex history of wine and civilization and how it has impacted the modern wine industry.

This course is the ONLY online wine study program focused 100% on Wine History and will provide you with the confidence to communicate with more authority about not only the history of wine, but also the context of contemporary wines. This course is considered critical to the success of any wine professional and serious wine student.

Due to these tough economic times registration is set at only $199 so that everyone can share in the joy of exploring wine history. This course is offered asynchronously, meaning that students can ‘tune in’ online at their convenience. Wines to be tasted are acquired by the students at their own expense. Registered students have access to all content for 12 months. 

Wine History Foundations consists of seven units; each unit has five-nine lessons which are comprised of short lectures, and dynamic interactive material. Students should expect to complete this course in approximately 12-15  hours of study.  The suggested textbook is Hugh Johnson’s From Noah to Now: The Story of Wine. The course consists of seven units; each unit has five to nine lessons, which are comprised of short lectures, and dynamic interactive material. Students should expect to complete this course in approximately 12-15 hours of study. The suggested textbook is Hugh Johnson’s From Noah to Now: The Story of Wine.

This course was developed course as a journey through the history of Western civilization with nature’s great liquid ambassador, wine, as the protagonist. Against the backdrop of religions, politics, trade, wars, pests, plagues, as well as global and scientific discovery, this course charts the journey of wine and wine cultures throughout the ages all the way to the birth of contemporary wine law in the 20th century. “The wine trade represents an 8,000-year arc of humans in relationship with nature, which sits at the heart of European cultural identity,” she explains.  Fashion, trends and spiritual and social norms govern people’s expectations of wine, and shape the evolution of wine styles and customs. By the end of this course, students will understand the impact of wine as a powerful trade commodity on the development of Western societies through politics and religion. The class will take a look at the connection between wine, spirituality, and organized religion in the context of Western culture as well as the impact of “the three plagues” (Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Phylloxera) on the global world of wine. The class will also discuss the creation of European wine law in the 20th century.
About your Instructor:

Tanya Morning Star Darling is a full-time wine educator with nearly 3 decades of industry experience. Through her company Cellar Muse, she is the approved program provider for Wine Scholar Certifications (French, Italian, and Spanish) in the Seattle area. She is an approved WSET instructor for L1-L4 curricula, is an official Ambassador of Bourgogne Wines, an Official Ambassador of Orvieto Wines, and has passed the Wine Scholar Guild’s Bourgogne, Champagne, and Provence Master Levels all in the high scorer category. She was awarded the honor of French Wine Scholar Instructor of the Year by the Wine Scholar Guild in 2018. Through her undergraduate work at the Sorbonne and New York University, Tanya has a background in art history and history of the theater. She has always sought to find deeper context and meaning through her work, and to connect her work in wine to her passion for culture, food, and storytelling. Studying history is a natural extension of her academic and sensory pursuits in wine, and is her personal passion. Since 2012, Tanya has been a professor of Wine History at South Seattle College, where she developed two three-credit college courses collectively covering the history of wine from antiquity to the modern age.

About Napa Valley Wine Academy:

The Napa Valley Wine Academy was founded in 2011 and is based in the city of Napa. It has been awarded WSET Educator of the Year awards in 2016 and 2019. More than 14,000 people have taken NVWA classes, divided equally between those in the trade and interested consumers. The Academy has branches in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Ohio. It was founded by R. Christian Oggenfuss, who holds D.W.S., F.W.S., I.W.P., A.W.S. and AIWS credentials, Catherine Bugue, who holds the DipWSET credential and Jurg Oggenfuss. The Academy can reached at https://napavalleywineacademy.com/ or 855/513-WSET

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