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Advantage 24/7 Adds Wine Warehouse and Fulfillment Service to Its Portfolio of Client Services


As the wine industry’s marketing strategies change to embrace the new normal, wine importers, international wine consortiums, wine regions from around the world as well as consumer online sales venues struggle to efficiently manage the demands of wine storage, order fulfillment and shipping logistics. 

Many companies are currently experiencing cumbersome and costly methods for storing wine with proper climate controls and inventory methods as well as efficiently managing fulfillment services.

“I’m excited to now offer this service to our clients. Fully licensed by the New York State Liquor Authority, Buffalo Wine Storage and Shipping will warehouse wines and handle all fulfillment logistics for our clients.” Stated Barry Singer, President of Advantage 24/7.

There are numerous rules and regulations regarding the storage and shipping of wines throughout the United States, which precludes most entities/persons from shipping wines legally, or be exposed to severe taxes, fines or arrest.

As a legally licensed warehouse and wine shipper, Buffalo Wine Storage and Shipping ensures that wines are handled properly, stored in a secure – temperature controlled and fully insured facility.

Singer continues…” When wine arrives, every bottle is catalogued using a proprietary inventory management system, which then allows our clients easy access for placing orders online for shipment.”

For further information and rates please contact Barry Singer at 716-864-3774 or email Barry at [email protected].

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