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Prank-O Releases New Prank Wine Labels for the Holiday Season and New Year’s Celebrations


The perfect gift for wine lovers.

A gift that every wine-lover will adore this holiday season is Prank-O’s new line of absurd wine labels.

Prank-O helps you deliver even more laughs this holiday season during a time when everybody could use a few extra laughs.

Slap a Sloppy Girl wine label on any high-class bottle of wine for the next party for strange looks and conversation.

Removable adhesive (like a Post-it Note) lets the user peel off the label and use it again. The front features the wine flavor, while the back goes into absurd detail, describing the fake winery and its backstory.

Prank-O gifts are available at Pranko.com and Amazon.com, where thousands of four-to-five star reviews speak for themselves.  Keep Prank-O in mind for gifts year-round, or seasonally from outlets like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Meijer, and more.

Other Wine Flavors Available for 2020 (with new flavors coming to Kohl’s Department Stores for Valentine’s Day 2021!):

  • Happy Napper – The First Wine with Sleep Aid Benefits!
  • Chateau La Di Da – Table Wine from Fancy-Du-Schamncy Vineyards
  • Namaste – The World’s First Fitness Wine!
  • Highway’s Bounty – Roadkill Infused Wine!


At Prank-O, we are dedicated to bringing a little deception and a lot of laughs to the gift-giving experience with our products. After all, there is no greater gift than laughter… except for one of those remote-control quadcopter things.

Our CEO, Ryan Walther, began his career with The Onion. He helped grow the brand in its early years, more or less teaching America how to laugh.

One day, at adult swim class, Ryan met Arik Nordby, a humble box salesman with a dream of injecting laughter into the solemn ritual of gift-giving. Together, they have gone on to disrupt the entire prank gift box industry, like a couple of Silicon Valley assholes or something.

Follow Prank-O on Instagram at @pranko

“Like” Prank-O on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PrankPack/

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