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Groundbreaking Program Provides Computers and Tech Skills for Napa Valley Farmworkers

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Napa, CA (November 19, 2020) – The Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation (FWF) has launched an innovative new program that brings laptops and instruction on the use of technology to Napa County farmworkers.

COVID-19 presented the Farmworker Foundation with challenges on implementing its educational programs and professional development, which typically serve over 2,500 people per year.  Bringing the coursework online and into workplaces and homes was a natural next step, but the group quickly recognized that a starter course on using laptops and other technology was needed in order for participants to be successful.

“Online learning is convenient and may make it easier to attend class after a busy day at work or while keeping an eye on children,” said Jill Durfee, Program Director for the FWF, “We hope this opportunity makes education accessible for more farmworkers in our community.”

The Foundation purchased Chromebooks and developed an introductory Technology Workshop to ensure online learning success.  Students who complete the workshop will be eligible for the Intermediate English Intensive Course in December and the 16-week English Program in the Spring.  All courses are in partnership with the Napa Valley Adult School.

Program details:

  • Can accommodate 20 farmworkers per session
  • Chromebooks and equipment loaned through employers
  • 15-hour technology starter course
  • Subsequent online offerings in the new year

For more information on programs offered through the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, please refer to www.farmworkerfoundation.org

To speak with a Farmworker Foundation representative regarding the laptop lending program, please email [email protected]

About the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation

Founded by the Napa Valley Grapegrowers in 2011, the mission of the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation is to support and promote Napa Valley’s vineyard workers through education and professional development. The Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation is the only one of its kind in the United States, providing educational opportunities, advanced training programs, leadership and management classes, English literacy programs, and much more. To date, the Farmworker Foundation has offered education and professional development opportunities to more than 21,000 vineyard workers and their families.

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