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Frontera® Celebrates Release of New Format with Latin GRAMMY® Acoustic Session


The Official Wine of the 21st Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards® & Top 5 Popular Import Brand1   Builds on Wine & Music Platform as New 3L Box Debuts 

Hopland, Calif. Nov. 12, 2020 – In a new move celebrating the indelible combination of wine and music, Chilean wine powerhouse Frontera will host a virtual acoustic concert featuring GRAMMY® nominee and three‐time Latin GRAMMY® nominee Raquel Sofía tonight, Thursday, November 12, at 6 PM ET on Facebook Live. As part of the Road To The Latin GRAMMYs™, this intimate special performance will showcase the acclaimed Latinx artist and Frontera wines, building on the brand’s 2020 wine and music programming just ahead of the December debut of Frontera’s anticipated 3‐liter box format.   

The official wine of the 21st Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards, Frontera is expanding its reach with Latin music fans while continuing to creatively explore the intersection of wine and music through this latest activation. Earlier this year, Frontera announced a groundbreaking collaboration with music streaming service Spotify®, which pairs genre‐specific playlists with each of four different wine styles in the Frontera portfolio. Rounding out the brand’s compelling music and wine campaign is the #FronteraMusicStage sweepstakes launching in January 2021—which will award $500 gift cards to 40 lucky winners, totaling $20,000 in prizes—for use at a future time when live music venues can re‐open safely.

This all comes as Frontera prepares to launch its new 3‐liter bag‐in‐box (BIB) format, which expands the way fans can experience the #1 South American popular‐priced import brand in the U.S.

“The wine and music connection continuesto be an integral piece of Frontera’s consumer engagement, and we’re thrilled to partner with the Latin GRAMMY Awards to bring live music to fans around the world at a time when in‐person concerts are on hold,” said Wayland Boyd, Senior Brand Manager for Frontera in the U.S. “This comes amidst exciting growth for the brand, as we’re poised to unveil three boxed wine offeringsin a packaging innovation that makesit easier than ever to enjoy Frontera wines.” 

Frontera—America’s #1 Chilean large‐format wine brand3—is introducing its 3‐liter BIB Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon‐Merlot blend and Cabernet Sauvignon at a time of skyrocketing growth for the boxed wine category4. Frontera’s eco‐friendly, convenient packaging keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days after opening, giving Frontera fans more ways to savor some of America’s most coveted varietals. Frontera’s on‐trend offerings align with market momentum in the 3L BIB segment: Sauvignon Blanc leads category growth5, Cabernet Sauvignon maintains a commanding market share in the category6, and red blends are growing faster than any other red varietal in the category7.

Frontera’s packaging innovation dovetails with its industry‐leading focus on music at a time when consumers are yearning for new ways to experience wine and music at home. Through creative executions with music’s major players, including the Latin GRAMMY Awards and Spotify, Frontera is building on findings by Oxford University researchers that suggest listening to music can enhance the sensory experience of tasting wine8

Enter for a chance to win a gift card at the #FronteraMusicStage sweepstakes on Instagram in January 2021, pair your favorite Frontera varietals with a curated playlist on Spotify, and tune in tonight at 6 PM ET for Frontera’s live‐streaming acoustic concert with Raquel Sofía. 

About Frontera   

Frontera® offers expressive, New World wines from celebrated regions in Chile, through a collection of 14 varietals and blends, including fan favorites Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc. The 8th most powerful wine brand in the world and the #1 South American popular import brand in the U.S., Frontera makes delicious, accessible wines that are easy to enjoy with family and friends. Frontera is the first wine brand to partner with Spotify® to create innovative music and wine pairings and is the official wine of the 2020 and 2021 Latin GRAMMY® Awards. 

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