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PH Importing Announces National Appointment by Ichanka Vineyards of Argentina 


Scheid Family WinesSALINAS, CA — November 10, 2020 – PH Importing, a national fine wine import company, has  announced its exclusive appointment as the US national importer for Ichanka Vineyards, part of the Valle  de la Puerta estate in the Famatina Valley of La Rioja, Argentina.  

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to work with the Valle de La Puerta team,” commented PH  Importing Founder, Bob Piotrowski. “The exceptional vision Valle de La Puerta has for their beautiful  estate aligns perfectly with our mission to bring underserved wineries and estates from around the world  to the US marketplace.”  

Ichanka Vineyards (Ichanka translates as “Water of the Condor” in indigenous Diaguitan dialect) is  located in Argentina’s oldest winemaking province in the foothills of the northwest Andes, between the  Sierra de Famatina and Sierra del Velasco mountain ranges. The average altitude of the region’s  vineyards is 3,300-5,000 feet above sea level. Valle de la Puerta was founded in 1994 by agricultural  engineer Julian Clusellas, who had a vision to create an estate producing wine and olive oil. Today, 370  acres of the estate is planted to vine and 1,900 acres to olive groves.  

The Ichanka bottlings include the Estate Series, the Single Vineyard Series from the Vichigasta and  Sañogasta Vineyards, the Reserve Blends of the Colección Quinquela, and the Grand Reserve creation, Ichanka Oasis. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Bob and PH Importing. His enthusiasm and expertise will guide our  wine portfolio in the right direction in this very competitive marketplace. I am sure he will be able to  navigate through all the challenges ahead and make this project a great success,” remarked Andrew  Noble, VP of Sales and Marketing for the Valle de la Puerta Estate. 

PH Importing is strategically aligned with Scheid Family Wines. Scheid is providing the logistic, analytical  and distribution structure for national integration and support of the PH Importing portfolio. 


PH Importing is a national fine wine import company based in the United States. Established in 2019, the  company seeks to represent terroir-driven, estate wineries from around the world. PH Importing is driven  by the founding principle that the best wines are distinguished by a specific sense of place. As part of this  

commitment, the portfolio is limited to one producer from each specifically chosen production region and  links international winery partners to active players in the dynamic US wine market. Current wineries  include Argentina’s Ichanka & Colección Quinquela, with forthcoming partnerships from estates of the  great wine-growing regions of the world. The portfolio is distributed through a nationwide wholesaler  network. For more information visit www.ph-importing.com. 


Scheid Family Wines has farmed wine grapes in Monterey County, California since 1972. With 4,000  acres of sustainably certified vineyards located along a 70-mile spread of the Salinas Valley and a state of-the-art winery, Scheid Family Wines is fully integrated to bring high-quality estate grown wines to the  marketplace. Since 2017 Scheid’s winery and bottling operations have been powered by 100% renewable  wind energy generated by a 396-foot wind turbine, which also supplies enough energy for 125 homes in  the local community. The Scheid Family Wines nationally distributed portfolio includes Scheid Vineyards,  District 7, Ryder Estate, Ranch 32, Metz Road, VDR, Stokes’ Ghost and the recently launched Sunny  with a Chance of Flowers, a brand in the trending ‘better for you’ wine category. In addition, Scheid  Family Wines produces over 20 regionally distributed brands for specific clients or distributors. For more  information please visit www.scheidfamilywines.com.

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