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JD and Diageo Partner on Responsible Drinking Efforts in China


[Shanghai, China, 6 November 2020] JD.com, China’s largest retailer, and Diageo, the  world’s largest international spirits producer, have reached an agreement to partner on  promoting responsible drinking and moderate consumption of alcohol in the China market.  The announcement was made on Nov. 6th at the third annual China International Import  Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. Mr. Weibiao Gu, General Manager East China for JD Super  (JD.com’s online supermarket), and Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China, were present for the signing ceremony at the UK Food & Drink Pavilion at CIIE. This initiative  is highly aligned with both partners’ commitment to leverage their respective business  strengths to bring positive and meaningful impact to society.  

Specifically, under the agreement, JD and Diageo agree to jointly advance three initiatives.  First, the two partners will jointly collaborate to advance global standards for responsible  drinking in conjunction with leading organizations such as the International Alliance for  Responsible Drinking (IARD). In addition, JD and Diageo will work together with industry  partners in China to advance the development of a code of conduct for responsible sales of  alcohol online in China under the principle of self-governance. Finally, the parties will  promote DRINKiQ, a responsible drinking education platform, in China, as well as other  initiatives and campaigns that jointly advance consumer education and support reduction in  alcohol-related harm.  

JD, as China’s retail and e-commerce leader in beer, wine and spirits, with over 400 million  active customers across the JD.com platform, has already taken steps to promote  responsible consumption of alcohol, such as providing clear guidance for safe consumption  in the product descriptions on its e-commerce platform. The company will continue to  strengthen its efforts in this area.  

“We are pleased to further our commitment to consumer safety through this partnership with  Diageo and to pioneer efforts for responsible drinking on e-commerce platforms in China,”  said Mr. Weibiao Gu, General Manager East China for JD Super (JD.com’s online  supermarket). When it comes to the consumption of alcohol, in addition to ensuring product  quality, we want to guarantee that consumers have an enjoyable and informed experience.  This partnership with Diageo is an important step in that direction.”  

Diageo has been a long-term, dedicated advocate of responsible drinking globally. DRINKiQ  marks one of its most signature efforts in this area. The interactive platform provides easily  digestible information for the public to enable them make more informed decisions when  consuming alcohol, and to prevent harmful behavior such as underage drinking, drunk driving and excessive consumption. 

“Bringing positive social impact to every market that we operate in is a mission of Diageo.  We are actively advocating for responsible drinking to ensure the well-being of our consumers.  Through the partnership with JD, we are confident that we can inspire more Chinese  consumers to engage in positive drinking behavior and hopefully we can contribute to Chinese  people’s aspirations towards a “better life” by celebrating life, every day, everywhere,” said  Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China. 

About JD 

JD.com is a leading technology driven e-commerce company transforming to become a  leading supply chain-based technology and service provider. The Company’s cutting-edge  retail infrastructure seeks to enable consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and  wherever they want it. The Company has opened its technology and infrastructure to  partners, brands and other sectors, as part of its Retail as a Service offering to help drive  productivity and innovation across a range of industries. JD.com is the largest retailer in  China, a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company. 

About Diageo 

Diageo is a global leading producer of international spirits. In 2002, Diageo China was  established in Shanghai. We have an outstanding collection of 6 alcohol categories in China  and 1 local spirits, ranging from scotch whisky, gin, vodka, liquor, rum, beer and Chinese Baijiu.  Our brands are crafted, authentic, premium with many standing out in each category, such as  Johnnie Walker, The Singleton, Baileys, Tanqueray and Guinness, which are well appreciated  by customers and consumers in China. Also, Diageo is the only company with direct  participation in Chinese Baijiu category, through an increased investment in Shui Jing Fang.

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