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VineSpring Creates Simple Gifting Solution for Wineries to Partner with Corporations this Holiday Season


Leading club management and ecommerce system for beverage alcohol makes it easy for wineries to partner with corporations to streamline their wine gifting program this holiday season

Sonoma, CA, November 3, 2020 – VineSpring, the leading subscription-focused commerce platform for wineries, breweries, and distilleries, has created a simple gifting solution for wineries to partner with corporations to gift fine wine from America’s elite wineries this holiday season. The gifting solution allows corporations to alleviate compliance challenges surrounding direct-to-consumer shipping licensure, and ensure on-time delivery to employees and business associates, circumventing privacy issues using third-party addresses.

VineSpring is well-regarded in the wine industry for providing easy-to-implement and navigable direct-to-consumer technologies for subscription models. Using the allocation feature built in winery’s ecommerce platform via VineSpring, businesses select the wines they wish to gift and giftees choose among them. 

“VineSpring has adapted our allocation feature to help businesses ship gifts with ease this holiday season,” says Chris Towt, CEO and Co-founder of VineSpring. “Prior to COVID, sending wine to a business address was the most reliable way to ensure a signature for delivery. Now that people are working from home, it’s important to collect & confirm the best address for a successful delivery.”

How it works:

  • Corporations send wineries their list of giftees along with the product offering desired.
  • Wineries create an allocation model featuring the gift option specified by the corporation.
  • The winery emails the giftee list letting them know corporation X has gifted them wine, and provides a link to their offer to redeem their gift.
  • Giftee clicks on the link that automatically logs them in to their allocation offering on the  winery’s website, and the customer proceeds through the checkout, seamlessly, which circumvents privacy issues with providing third-party addresses

The winery fulfills the orders, then invoices the corporation for the gifted wine.

A special discount code is applied to all orders indicating which corporation this order will be attributed to. The winery can run a simple “Sales by Discount” report to easily correlate the total sales amount that should be billed to the partner corporation. The “Sales by Discount” amount represents all orders for that holiday season offer and allows the winery to send one streamlined invoice to the partner client.

For more information on VineSpring’s holiday gifting solution for wineries, visit, www.vinespring.com

About VineSpring

VineSpring is the leading subscription-focused commerce platform for wineries, breweries, and distilleries. VineSpring brings together powerful cloud-based tools into one easy to use web interface to convert customer one-time sales into subscription members and increase sales for existing and new customers through a curated web experience.  VineSpring was founded in 2011 and is based in Sonoma, California. 

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