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Union Wine Company Releases Limited Edition Underwood Nouveau 2020 in Bottles and Cans


TUALATIN, OR – October 19, 2020 – Union Wine Company releases Underwood Nouveau 2020 in both can and bottle formats after successful first run with Underwood Nouveau 2019 in cans. Underwood Nouveau is Union Wine Co.’s riff on a Beaujolais Nouveau, created to celebrate the first grape harvest of the year and introduce the true expression of the 2020 vintage.

“We first decided to make a Nouveau wine using Oregon pinot noir grapes in 2019, and we were so pleased with the results we decided to extend this year’s offering. Consumers will have the option of enjoying the 2020 vintage in either a 375-milliliter can or a 750-milliliter bottle,” says Joan Olbrantz, Union Wine Co. marketing operations manager.

Underwood Nouveau 2020 is available for purchase, in limited edition, on Union Wine Co.’s website. Suggested retail price for Underwood Nouveau cans is $28 USD per four-pack, or $7 USD per can, and $14 USD per bottle.

About Union Wine Company

Founded in 2005, Union Wine Company embraces the artistry of making great wine, minus all the fuss. Union cares more about what goes into the glass than what kind of glass it is. Not willing to sacrifice taste or value, Union’s founder and owner Ryan Harms challenges his team to balance tradition with the latest technology, crafting exceptional Oregon wines at extraordinary prices. Union’s three wine series, Underwood, Kings Ridge and Alchemist, all capture the spirit of Oregon in a way you can put on your table every day. Union Wine Co. wines are distributed in more than 40 national markets and 7 export markets. For more information, visit www.unionwinecompany.com or call 971.322.4791.



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