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Jukes Cordialities Launches in the US on November 5, 2020


New York, New York (October 19, 2020) – Award-winning wine writer Matthew Jukes and his friend and co-founder Jack Hollihan announce the upcoming US launch of Jukes 1 and Jukes 6; a pair of sophisticated, delicious and intellectually stimulating drinks in the 0.0% alcohol sphere. Both will be available beginning November 5, 2020 online at www.jukescordialities.com.

Jukes selectionThroughout his extensive career as a wine critic, Matthew had never found an elegant non-alcoholic drink that is genuinely satisfying and palatable, so he decided to create his own.   Jukes’ DNA is that of great wine, but, rather than being grape based, these drinks are instead made from organic apple cider vinegar together with entirely different natural ingredients to be non-alcoholic, very limited in calories and sugar, yet, like a fine wine, deeply satisfying to the drinker.   

Both Jukes 1 (the “white”) and Jukes 6 (the “red”), presented in elegant one-ounce glass bottles, are designed to be mixed with still or sparkling water and even tonic water, giving the consumer a broad choice to suit their personal palate. Jukes 1 (16 calories per serving) is centered around a citrus and herb theme, crafted to be uplifting, clean and bright; while Jukes 6 is a fruitier, deeper and spicier style with a more mellow, earthy flavor (17 calories per serving).   

These are completely new drink constructs, that operate both as extraordinarily refreshing drinks after working out or the like, as well as replacing excellent wines for serving before and while dining, as they pair extremely well across all cuisines. Those who drink organic apple cider vinegar as part of their daily health regime also find Jukes an extraordinarily tasty way to do so.

Jukes is handmade in the heart of Battersea, London, using the finest organic and natural ingredients, including blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries and plums for Jukes 6 (the “red”), and peach, cucumber, plum, apple and pineapple for Jukes 1 (the “white”),  together with a number of other herbs, flowers and spices. The well-balanced ingredients result in drinks that are both healthy and sophisticated.  Using a delicate production technique, Jukes show exquisite, complex, aromatic characters as well as uncommon texture, flavor and richness on the palate.    

Jukes are drinks that directly respond to those who are wellness oriented or are limiting alcohol consumption but will not compromise their palates. Matthew Jukes says, “Along with a great perfume, flavor and finish, it was critical for me to ensure that Jukes are very low in calories.   Most non-alcoholic drinks are sweet, confected or high in calories and so my two drinks are dry, tart, refreshing and perfectly suited to everyone conscious of their own wellbeing.”   

The packaging for Jukes is as innovative as the flavors. Multi-discipline design gurus Jay Osgerby and Ed Barber from the London-based studio Barber Osgerby are the creative directors behind the sleek and elegant packaging of the bottles and boxes. The signature cube box houses nine miniature bottles modeled on an ancient Cognac bottle that Matthew found in France. Every element used in the design, as well in as Jukes’ production itself, is recyclable. 

Jukes will be available in the U.S. starting November 9, 2020 on its online website, www.jukescordialities.com. Jukes is currently available in the U.K. online, as well as at Fortnum & Mason, The Conran Shop and Haynes Hanson & Clark. Jukes is also served in London at a number of top-rated restaurants, clubs and venues, such as Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Frog by Adam Handling, Core by Clare Smyth, Portland, Trinity, The Wolseley, China Tang, Tate Modern, Oswald’s and 5 Hertford Street, and British Airways has recently started serving Jukes 1 and 6 in their First Class Lounge at Heathrow. 

For any additional press inquiries, please reach out to Victor De Vita at [email protected]. Find us on LinkedIn and Instagram.   

About Jukes

Internationally acclaimed wine writer and taster Matthew Jukes and Jack Hollihan launched Jukes in December 2019. Jukes is a new category of adult, sophisticated drinks, created by Matthew and Jack, in the non-alcoholic sphere. These premium drinks use the olfactory and sensory expertise of a master wine taster, that take the senses to a new and highly satisfying flavor destination. Jukes is designed for people who want to maintain high standards of taste and pleasure, even when not indulging in alcohol. In the US, Jukes 1 and 6 will be available to buy directly from https://www.jukescordialities.com for $48.50 a box, with free US delivery and each box containing 9 bottles of 1-2 servings, depending on preference.   

About Matthew Jukes, Creator and Co-Founder  

Matthew Jukes is a world-famous wine taster and author, based in the UK, and he has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Matthew started his wine industry career in 1987 at the Barnes Wine Shop in London. From there, Matthew moved into buying for Bibendum Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Chelsea (from 1990 – 2016), winning awards for his wine lists.   During this period, Matthew worked for three years on a weekly radio slot for the BBC and Channel 4 approached him to host their TV series, ‘Wine Hunt’. Matthew went on to write ‘The Wine Book’ which was later serialised by the Daily Mail. This led to Matthew being offered the chance to write the most widely read wine column in the UK, in the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine, with over 9 million readers each week. He has had this position for 20 years. He has written a further 13 wine books as well as a highly acclaimed weekly wine article for Money Week for over 13 years. Matthew travels widely delivering wine talks, dinners and masterclasses all over the world. With vast experience in all sectors of the industry, Matthew also writes four comprehensive, in-depth, annual wine Reports, on Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piemonte and Australia, which are all published on his website.  

About Jack Hollihan, Co-Founder 

Jack Hollihan, long-time friend of Matthew, has spent the last decade primarily as a key founding participant in highly successful UK and US start-ups. Each company is established to build a product suite that perfectly satisfies an “on trend”, powerful social need that has otherwise not been well addressed, with a “best in class” team taking it forward. Jack was formerly a senior investment banking partner at Morgan Stanley.

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