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Napa County Farm Bureau Celebrates National Farmers Day


Napa County Farm BureauNapa, CA—The Napa County Farm Bureau is proud to recognize and celebrate National Farmers Day today, October 12, in Napa Valley.

National Farmers Day is observed on October 12th each year.  In the midst of harvest season, National Farmer’s Day is a day of important celebration, to give thanks to farmers past and present. From early on, a farmer’s hard work and dedication has benefited our nation in terms of commodities for our livelihood along with their immense contributions to the national and local economies. 

In Napa Valley, a farmer’s tireless work and dedication to agriculture has been an inspiring example to us all, especially during the last year. Napa Valley’s farmers have exhibited a selfless commitment to our communities during COVID-19 and the recent series of fires we have endured. They have shown a determination that exemplifies the reason we celebrate this national holiday. National Farmer’s Day is a way that we thank them for their contributions to our communities and support of our economy.

“The men and women of Napa Valley agriculture have endured great hardships during the last year and have shown a level of dedication not only to agriculture, but to our communities as a whole, that is truly remarkable,” said Ryan Klobas, Chief Executive Officer of the Napa County Farm Bureau.  “Today is a great way to thank them for their selfless commitment to Napa Valley and for making our home truly world class.”

National Farmer’s Day has been in existence since the early 1800’s. It is celebrated across the nation by paying tribute to the contributions that farmers make to our livelihoods and our economies. 

As the oldest and largest agricultural organization in Napa County representing over 1,200 members, the Napa County Farm Bureau is proud to recognize this important day and honor those individuals who are committed to the agricultural profession in Napa County and for the myriad contributions they make to the Napa Valley.



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