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Masseto Estate Presents Masseto 2017 and Its Second Wine, Massetino 2018


Masseto: one vineyard, one cellar, two iconic wines

It is debut time at Masseto. After months resting in the cellar, two of the wines most awaited by collectors around the world have been released internationally. The first is Masseto, followed by the “second wine”, Massetino, a younger expression that already shines by itself.

The two wines come from complementary vintages: a dry and sunny 2017 was followed by 2018, which replenished the water supplies in the soil that had been put to the test the year before. Despite the different conditions, both wines display extraordinary balance, which comes from the essence of the Masseto estate: the unique composition of the soil. This vein of Pliocenic blue clay reclaimed from the sea naturally regulates the water needs of the vines, keeping the roots fresh and moist, even during very dry spells. These distinctive qualities, alongside the Mediterranean sunshine and sea breezes, create perfect conditions for the slow ripening of the grapes. 

Born in the same place, the two wines begin separate journeys in the cellar, an architectural masterpiece carved with clear, deep cuts into the blue clay, with the aim of providing the perfect conditions for winemaking and its cellaring, while reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

A strict selection is used to produce Masseto, while the fruit not selected for the estate’s top wine -and that fit the style of this second wine – is assigned to Massetino.

“Masseto 2017 is certainly a child of its vintage, containing the ripeness and concentration of a particularly dry and sunny season. A kaleidoscope of aromas opens in the glass: from nuances of black fruit, spice and licorice to a dense and velvety tannin structure that embraces the palate. The wine has a vibrant acidity and lengthens on the finish, almost giving the impression of not wanting to exhaust itself. Despite being the result of one of the hottest vintages, 2017 has the personality of a typical Masseto,” comments Axel Heinz, Estate Director.

Massetino 2018 is a “second wine” with a harmonious and balanced profile. “The wine is dark ruby with purple highlights. It is very expressive on the nose, dominated by lively ripe cherry and balsamic aromas with a touch of toasted oak. The wine is elegant on the palate with refined, silky and compact tannins that accompany a pure and brilliant expression of the fruit,” continues Heinz. With 2018, Massetino celebrates its second vintage and, following in the footsteps of its older sibling, this year the wine will be available to all markets through Place de Bordeaux (with the exception of Italy, United States and Canada where Masseto retains direct distribution). In the United States, the wines are imported exclusively through VINTUS.

About Masseto 

Masseto is the name of a contemporary legend: one wine, one vineyard, one estate. The potential of the slope where the Masseto vineyard is now situated, along the Tuscan coast, was glimpsed at the beginning of the 1980s, when the first vines were planted, against all predictions, advice and tradition. The insight proved spot on. The blue clay, sea breezes and the exceptional refraction of the light guaranteed by the Mediterranean Sea all contribute to the intriguing blend of power, elegance and complexity that distinguishes the estate wine. Masseto has enjoyed international acclaim since its first vintage in 1986. 

Since the 2017 vintage, Masseto has been accompanied by the “second wine” Massetino. Both begin their journey on the Masseto hill in 11 densely planted hectares and evolve from prized grapes to coveted bottles of wine that refine in the estate’s cellar, which was designed by architectural firm Zito Mori and inaugurated in April 2019. Every autumn, both wines are distributed around the world through Place de Bordeaux. 

The Masseto team consists of six dedicated professionals: Axel Heinz, Estate Director; Eleonora Marconi, Winemaker; Tim Banks, Sales & Marketing Director; Vianney Gravereaux, Global Sales Manager; Susanne Weber, Brand Manager; and Elena Oprea, Communication Manager. The Masseto estate is part of the group controlled by the Frescobaldi family.

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