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Quini Upgrades Top Rated Wine API


Added flexibility targets better online wine shopper engagement, cost reduction and consumer sensory data flow for enterprise clients 

VANCOUVER, BC – October 5, 2020 – Quini® (www.quiniwine.com), the undisputed leader for sensory real-time data, analytics and technology solutions for the wine industry, today announced an upgrade to QUINI API™, the company’s highly rated wine API (Application Programmer’s Interface) platform.

New configurations enable online wine DTC (Direct To Consumer) site operators to automate wine data and tasting note publishing, saving valuable time and cost.

Enhanced flexibility and seamless integration into popular e-commerce platforms also allows companies to better showcase wines using more attractive content that is easier to follow than traditional text heavy tasting notes. 

Complementing an automatically produced and published tasting note using Quini, visual components highlight individual characteristics of a wine, including the Eye, Nose, Mouth and Finish.

Food pairing suggestions provide shoppers with better guidance and confidence, while promoting wines more effectively.

The upgraded API also adds a new opportunity for wine buyers to review and rate wines directly on the vendor’s site, using Quini’s unique and educational wine tasting and rating application.

“The wine consumer who will drive the industry’s future is more vocal. They want to share opinions, need better information, trust their peers, seek a more engaging experience and expect transparency, not just wine critic high wine scores,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO. “QUINI API is an accessible solution that meets all these expectations, to help wineries and liquor retailers improve service quality, sell more wine and boost profits.”

A constant flow of deep, rich sensory data generated by consumers will enable vendors to better understand individual customer taste profiles, to help personalize marketing and special offers, improve customer loyalty and grow order size.

Deeper understanding of consumer preferences will also enable vendors to optimize inventory decisions, order flow and warehousing, and focus cash resources on preferred, more profitable products.

Concluded Noujeim: “To ensure the online DTC side of a winery or retailer’s business is optimal, consumer sensory data, rather than just sales data, is mandatory. Sensory data generated through Quini enables immediate action because it reveals customer reaction to a product very early on. This quick knowledge expedites the opportunity for personalized promotions that hit the mark, while sales data require the vendor wait weeks or months until a customer’s buying pattern is established and an actionable trend is apparent.”

Developers and companies interested in more information about QUINI API are invited to contact Quini at [email protected].


Ranked as one of the Top 8 Wine APIs on Programmable Web, QUINI API allows winery and wine retail operators to automate the process of publishing advanced, more informative visual wine tasting notes. The unique wine API is designed to save organizations time and manual effort while enhancing wine information quality and online buyer engagement at the same time. The API also allows site visitors to use Quini on the vendor’s site to share detailed sensory feedback about the wines they purchase, providing valuable, actionable data for the enterprise.


Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Privately held, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Quini a Nielsen Connected Partner. The Quini project is co-funded by CMF (Canada Media Fund). The Quini Data platform is co-funded by the National Research Council through the IRAP program. Quini’s investor group includes OKR Financial (www.okrfinancial.com) and private investors

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