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The Biggest Self-Pour Winery in the Country Now in Texas! 


Austin, Texas, September 16, 2020 – Wanderlust Wine Co. features a 56-tap self-serve wine beverage wall, where customers can pour their own wines themselves and pay by the ounce.  

Wanderlust Wine Company offers customers the opportunity to travel to different parts of the  world tasting a vast selection of wines with their 56-tap self-pour wine wall, powered by  PourMyBeer technology. This self-serve wall allows them to do so in a more sustainable and  eco-friendly way with a 96% reduction in their carbon footprint and 2,340 pounds of waste saved  from landfills

With Wanderlust Wine Company’s self-serve wine wall, the customer is the sommelier. Not only  do customers get to enjoy a large wine selection, but they can also enjoy other offerings, such  as cider, sake, vermouth, sherry, sangria, and mead. Customers can pour different wines in  whatever quantity they choose, giving them ultimate freedom over their drinking experience.  Aside from the variety of wines offered, Wanderlust also provides wines that patrons can find  on-site only, including a few popular commercial brands on tap.

Wanderlust Wine Co. has just implemented a unique, new growler program where customers  can bring in their own growler and receive 25% off of their fill. If located within city limits, one’s  growler can be delivered through Toast’s integration with DoorDash. Their growler program was  a necessary adjustment to take as a business opening up their doors during the pandemic  world.  

If the growler program wasn’t enough, Wanderlust Winery is also hosting virtual wine tastings  that feel just as personable as they would on-site. Through face-to-face meetings with  winemakers, customers are able to ask questions, learn about wine origins, and hear about  different winemaker’s backgrounds. Showcasing wine from both the US and other countries,  Wanderlust Winery is able to bring people together through technology and wine – all while  social distancing.  

To maintain the safety of guests during this new “normal,” Wanderlust Winery is utilizing the  self-pour beverage walls to eliminate a significant number of touchpoints, while also providing .  face masks on-site to keep customers safe. 

Wanderlust Winery has paired up with The Heel of the Boot to offer some delicious Italian food  to their guests. Guests can enjoy food from the food truck located on the outdoor patio or can  order online.  

If you’re ready to travel the world through wine, come and stop by Wanderlust Winery at 610 N  Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78701. They are open Wednesday through Sunday with the  current hours of operations as listed below:  

  • Monday: Closed 
  • Tuesday: Closed 
  • Wednesday: 5-9pm 
  • Thursday: 5-9pm 
  • Friday: 5-10pm 
  • Saturday: 5-10pm 
  • Sunday: 5-9pm 

The Grand opening is planned for mid-September as long as the current situation with the  pandemic allows.  

About PourMyBeer: 

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology enables faster, more efficient access to  beverages by allowing consumers to pour their own beer, wine, cocktails, cold  brew, and kombucha, all while paying by the ounce. PourMyBeer is the world  leader of self-pour, serving customers such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings,  the U.S. Air Force, Caesars Entertainment, Walk-Ons and many more.  PourMyBeer has over 6,281 taps in service at bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and  grocery stores around the world.

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  1. Hello!! I noticed that you are saying that y’all have the most self serve wine on tap in the country?? Well- I live in Boise Idaho and I just so happen to work at a place called Bodovino and we have 157 wines on draft!! Food for thought?? Maybe we can link up and share info? Thank you 🙂


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