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Lail Vineyards Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary and Releases “Cellar Stories,” a Series of Colorful Anecdotes as Told by Vintner Robin Lail  


The entertaining collection of personal tales is available on Vimeo and Instagram  @LailVineyards and will include stories from other vintners and winemakers in the future 

ST. HELENA, Calif. (September 23, 2020) – As 2020 harvest is well underway in Napa Valley  and wineries are releasing new vintages, Lail Vineyards is pleased to announce a different  kind of release – the exciting release of “Cellar Stories,” a series of engaging, humorous and  poignant anecdotes delivered personally by vintner Robin Lail. 

Robin is the driving force in an intriguing family six generations deep in Napa Valley  winemaking. Her ancestors founded Inglenook in 1879. She grew up on the estate;  graduated from Stanford University; was the first woman in Bank of America’s international management program; worked for Robert Mondavi; started the wildly successful Auction  Napa Valley; co-founded Dominus with Christian Moueix, and Merryvale with Bill Harlan; and  then launched her own brand with her daughters, Erin and Shannon, in 1995. As Lail  Vineyards celebrates its 25th anniversary, Robin is sharing personal tales from her “story cellar” – anecdotes that have been collected and cherished throughout her extraordinary life.  

With warmth and humor, Robin invites you into her home and shares stories of growing up  at Inglenook, poignant insights into her family, and hilarious tales of disastrous dates during her single days in San Francisco – ever mindful that the best stories are shared over a glass  of memorable wine. 

“Like all of us at this surreal time, I miss seeing people,” said Robin. “Lail Vineyards’ Cellar  Stories are a way to stay in touch with people personally. Some of these stories are about  the wine business and some are simply stories from my life. They run about a minute and a half and are a fun way to say hello and take a little break from the routine every couple of  weeks. I love story-telling and my hope is that they will bring a quick moment of pleasure to  the people who watch them.” 

In in the future the series will also include stories from Robin’s colleagues, including other  notable vintners and winemakers. The stories are shareable and can be found on Vimeo by  searching Lail Cellar Stories, and on Instagram @LailVineyards. 

About Lail Vineyards  

Robin Daniel Lail is a fourth-generation vintner and the founder of Lail Vineyards. Along with  her family, she has produced some of the most elusive, coveted wines in Napa Valley. As a  descendant of one of Napa Valley’s founding families, the story of Robin Lail’s life is woven  into the history of the Napa Valley. Her great-granduncle Gustave Niebaum established  Inglenook in 1879 and her beloved father, John Daniel, Jr., created wines that are regarded  among the best of the 20th Century. The wines of Lail Vineyards are born from generations of  winemaking knowledge in Napa Valley, a legacy that remains Lail’s steadfast compass.  

Robin is the Porto Protocol U.S. Representative and 10% of online sales from Lail’s Blueprint  wines is donated to organizations deep in the fight against climate change. 

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