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The Making of Santa Julia, True Sustainability Means Caring for the Vineyards, Ecosystem, and Their People


The Making of Santa Julia, True Sustainability Means Caring for the Vineyards, Ecosystem, and their People

Niles, IL – September 16, 2020 – Winesellers, Ltd., the award-winning importer of Argentina’s #1 organic wine producer, Bodega Santa Julia, is pleased to announce the winery has achieved Vegan Certification from LIAF, adding to their previous credentials of Organic Certification by LETIS and Fair Trade Certification by Fair for Life.

The forward-thinking Bodega Santa Julia began its journey with organic certification in 2001, focused on creating wines that emphasize sustainability, honest practices, and now ensures all wines are vegan. No animal products are used in the production, filtration or fining of Santa Julia’s wines.

For the family-owned, third generation Santa Julia winery sustainable winemaking is an all-encompassing, evolving pursuit. True sustainability means caring for the vineyards, the local ecosystem as well as their people. Santa Julia not only grows organic grapes, but also invests in native wildlife habitats, has built education and wellness centers for their employees’ families, and promotes equality and social responsibility for their workers.

“There are a great deal of wine consumers who not only care about the quality inside the bottle, but equally care about how the wine is produced and the impact this has on the environment and community” said Adam Sager Co-President of Winesellers, Ltd.

The Santa Julia portfolio includes these organic, fair trade, sustainable and vegan wines all within the $9-$20 price category, making responsibly produced wines also affordable.


Founded in early 1990s, Santa Julia is one of the emblematic Argentine wine brands, both in Argentina and around the world. Santa Julia is the #1 organic wine producer in Argentina with 753 certified organic acres. They were also the first winery in Mendoza that achieved the certification “Fair for Life.” Santa Julia is a combination of the quality and diversity of the Mendoza land, which produces modern wines. Bodega Santa Julia is committed to being natural, environmentally friendly, and growing in harmony with the community. The long-term sustainability of harvests is extremely important, and Santa Julia fosters the natural richness of the soil through certified organic vineyard management. 


Founded in 1978 by Yale Sager, Winesellers, Ltd. is a second generation, family-owned and globally recognized importer, and marketer of fine wines to the U.S. market. The company’s portfolio represents the finest quality of wines in their respective price category and has widespread distribution in all 50 U.S. states. The Winesellers, Ltd. portfolio includes producers and brands from Argentina, France, Spain, USA, Portugal, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and other countries worldwide.

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