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Monis Cellars, Boutique Winery, Offering Free Shipping This Summer 


Exquisite, Approachable, Affordable Hand-Crafted Wine from Santa Barbara. 

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, July, 2020 — To celebrate the start of summer, boutique-winery Monis Cellars is offering California customers free shipping on all of its wines throughout the summer with the code “SHIP20.” This promotion ties in with the recent February 2020 launch of the Monis Cellars e-commerce website designed to provide online shoppers across the United States with two unique wines at remarkable rates. Monis Cellars’ mission is to create a fine wine with the best quality, low sugars, at an affordable price sold directly to its clients. 

monis cellars bottleMonis Cellars is unique in its promise to deliver high quality through low quantity production to its customers. For two years, they have been perfecting their red and rosé to offer wine lovers and local restaurants unique varietals from the best vineyards in Santa Barbara. Their new e-commerce website has made the brand a convenient, appealing source for wine lovers to enjoy from the comforts of home. Monis Cellars is also currently working to make their wines available in local Los Angeles-area restaurants. Through the website, customers can join Monis Cellars’ wine club, learn about their products, and order flavorful, full-bodied, unique California wines. Customers will also be able to sign up to receive updates regarding Monis Cellars’ new 2019 Chardonnay and 2019 Pinot, which will be released this month. Monis Cellars is pioneering trends in the wine world by creating fine wines in small batches with low levels of sulfites and making them affordable. 

Unlike big wine companies, Monis Cellars’ wine requires minimal additives. In the wine country of Santa Barbara, grapes are handpicked from sustainably farmed vineyards and are then handcrafted with love to create a fine wine. Monis Cellars crafts its wine in small batches, which it prides itself on, to oversee quality which requires minimal unnatural intervention. To guarantee the best quality in small quantities, Monis Cellars’ exquisite wines are sold directly from the business to its consumers via their e-commerce website. The winemakers of Monis Cellars currently craft four different wines: a 2018 Nebbiolo Rosé, 2018 Syrah Santa Barbara red, 2019 Chardonnay, and 2019 Pinot Noir

Nebbiolo is really special because it’s an Italian varietal thriving here in California that is uncommon. Our grape grower does a great job growing Italian varietals.He is an iconic grape grower and is featured in many noteworthy books. Our rosé was made by pressing the grapes, and it wasn’t a saignée. The wine really makes itself!” said Grace Campbell, owner of Monis Cellars. 

“Unlike big wine companies we are a small boutique winery producing small batches to oversee quality of our grapes and winemaking process,” said Campbell. “We’re excited to create high-quality wine at 

low prices. Our $29 bottles taste like $100! We officially launched online in February 2020, but we began the process of making wines in 2018.” 

Order a bottle of Monis Cellars’, and join the wine club at www.moniscellars.com

About Monis Cellars

Monis Cellars offers exquisite, approachable, and affordable hand-crafted wines representing the rich diversity of California’s outstanding appellations. The company is based in Santa Barbara’s Los Alamos area—one of the region’s most renowned sub-appellations. Working closely with the most reputable winemakers and grape growers in Santa Barbara, Monis Cellars crafts wines in small batches practicing sustainability. Monis Cellars sells its products through its e-commerce site, local fine restaurants, and directly to consumers throughout most of the United States to ensure the best quality. 

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