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New Texting Sales Channel Emerges with Launch of Vimbibe, Wine’s Premier Engagement Platform 


Thanks to the team from Highway 29 Creative, wineries can now manage their client communication experience with one inbox, starting with SMS texting, which enjoys a 98% open rate. 


August 10 2020: Vimbibe is a new and totally unique engagement platform for the wine industry. Wineries can now manage their client communication experience with one inbox. This omnichannel presence includes SMS texting, website chat bots, social media integrations, VOIP, and video chats for virtual tastings. 

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This product comes from the team at Highway 29 Creative, the wine industry’s full-service creative agency. Founded in 2018, Highway 29 Creative is on a mission to democratize digital marketing and help the industry navigate the changing world so wineries can sell more wine. 

“The sales journey defines your brand and we have always been searching for a way to better engage customers and reduce friction in the buying process. Texting provides wineries with a brand new sales and engagement channel. We are so excited to help wineries create meaningful connections with their customers. This is going to change the industry and delight customers.” – Simon Solis-Cohen, founder of Highway 29 Creative and Vimbibe 

Vimbibe debuts in partnership with Commerce7, home of customer-centric ecommerce for the alcohol industry. Clients can experience Vimbibe as fully integrated into the Commerce7 platform. Embedded directly, all contacts, clubs and groups, are instantly loaded and ready to message with individual texts, campaign mass texts, and automated texts such as shipping confirmations. 

“We are really excited about what Simon and Highway 29 Creative are doing with Vimbibe. At Commerce7 we’ve seen first hand the power of personalization in ecommerce. By adopting personalized text messages and updates, wineries of every size will be able to continue to push the bar on delivering excellent, customer-centric shopping experiences.” – Andrew Kamphuis, President of Commerce7 

Vimbibe launches with the introduction of SMS texting services. Texting is the #1 used feature on smartphones, and 75% of consumers say they want to engage with businesses over text, making this the obvious choice for wineries that need to connect with customers beyond the tasting room. 

“Customers DO want to text with businesses and are happy to make purchases over text. Heck, I bought my last car over text messages with the dealership. If I can buy a car, I think selling a bottle of wine is a no brainer. Texting is the future of ecommerce and DTC engagement.” – Simon Solis-Cohen, founder of Highway 29 Creative and Vimbibe 

Open rates for texting averages 98% and 90% are opened within the first 3 minutes alone. This is significant for wine service and sales, especially when compared to email, for which an open rate of 20% is considered a victory. Texting services can be used to manage reservations, deliver shipping notifications, promote sales and provide responsive customer service. 

Texting is just the beginning and Vimbibe is on a mission to create more meaningful customer engagement and most importantly make it easy to do. With a centralized inbox embedded into an existing CRM like Commerce7, there is no need for countless third party vendors for email, chat bots, texting, phone calls, and virtual tastings. Vimbibe is an all in one solution to empower wineries to engage their customers and sell more wine. 

Wine brands interested in capitalizing on these engagement channels can visit vimbibe.com ​to learn more and sign up.

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