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Bouchard Cooperages Supports Restaurant Workers and Sommeliers with Stock Barrel Promotion


2020, August 5 — As valuable members of the restaurant and wine community continue to be affected by COVID-19 interruptions, Bouchard Cooperages and it’s family of coopers that include BILLON,  DAMY, MAURY, EUROPEAN COOPERS HUNGARY and MASTER COOPERS have pledged their support by donating $25 for each 2020 stock barrel sold.

“We wanted to do something to help our community, and the restaurant and wine professionals affected by this crisis,” said Vincent Bouchard, Managing Director.

“I continue to be amazed to see the wine industry come together in support of the sommelier community during this crisis.  Not just in wine donations or monetary donations from producers and distributors, but to see the outreach from Bouchard Cooperages, a company whose product leads to the creation of wines that ultimately land in the hands of sommeliers and then on to restaurant tables” On behalf of the entire community and our board members, we could not be more proud to have their partnership in supporting the United Sommeliers Foundation with this generous donation,” said Chris Blanchard, MS, Co-Founder United Sommeliers Foundation.

Bouchard Cooperages will be donating the proceeds to three charities: 

The United Sommeliers Foundation

The United Sommeliers Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide information and immediate financial assistance to Sommeliers experiencing a pause or termination of employment due to circumstances beyond their control.

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, an advocacy and action nonprofit founded in 2018 by and for restaurant workers that set up its Restaurant Workers COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund in March 2020. 

Independent Restaurant Coalition

The Independent Restaurant Coalition was formed by chefs and independent restaurant owners across the country who have built a grassroots movement to secure vital protections for the nation’s 500,000 independent restaurants and the more than 11 million restaurant workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In Canada, Bouchard Cooperages will be supporting:

Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers

The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) is a pan-Canadian association, which brings together individuals within the sommelier profession, restaurant services, and other sectors of the wine industry.

“Each year we import extra barrels to help our customers with last minute orders, and we are happy to donate a portion of their proceeds to some important organizations,” remarked Paolo Bouchard, Business Development Manager. 

Bouchard Cooperages has a variety of barrels in stock from Burgundy Coopers BILLON and DAMY, Bordeaux Cooper MAURY, EUROPEAN COOPERS HUNGARY, as well as MASTER COOPERS American Oak barrels from California. In addition, it has a wide range of stock available from CANADELL, a premium producer of French Oak Staves and Chips for winemaking. 

About Bouchard Cooperages

Bouchard Cooperages is an international wine barrel broker, representing a portfolio of highly skilled manufacturers of premium French, Austrian, Hungarian and American Oak barrels and French Oak alternatives.  This fine collection of producers includes Tonnelleries BILLON (Beane), DAMY (Meursault), MAURY (Bordeaux), MASTER COOPERS (California), EUROPEAN COOPERS HUNGARY (Southern Hungary) and French Oak Alternatives from CANADELL (Southern France).

Bouchard Cooperages also imports sandstone “Grés” jars from VIN ET TERRE (Bordeaux), Italian eggs made of cocciopesto and concrete from DRUNK TURTLE (Pisa), as well as amphorae made from Impruneta terracotta from MONTECCHIO in (Tuscany).

With over 40 years in business serving the international wine community, Bouchard Cooperages continues to value its mission – a commitment to quality and customer service. For more information, Bouchard Cooperages can be reached at: Bouchardcooperages.com, sales@bouchardcooperages.com, 707-257–3582



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