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Vivelys Introduces New Boisé Wine Profiling App

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Winemakers Have Free Access to more than 400 Recipes and Blends

Vivelys Wine by DesignSanta Rosa, Calif.  (July 23, 2020) — There seems to be an app for every interest but until now there has not been one enabling professional winemakers to create specific oak profiles for wine.

Vivelys, using its extensive experience and knowledge in the field, has just introduced its free Boisé® app to help winemakers decide on key oak additions when blending, specific to country, region, grape variety, and wine style they want. The app will also record and store winemakers’ own oak recipes. Using their smartphones, winemakers will be able to test different combinations of oak in wine and choose the one that best suits their wine profile before having to commit to production scale use.

“With a winemaker’s smartphone, this app will provide instant access to more than 400 wine recipes developed by our experts over the past 25 years as well as enable the winemaker to conveniently record and store their oak recipes as desired,” said Laurent Fargeton, Vivelys Director of Development. He added, “The initial response has been very positive as winemakers really value having easy access to such an effective tool for wine profiling.”

With its easy, user-friendly approach, winemakers can archive their oak recipes in their profile to ensure accurate tracking from one tasting to the next.  The app also allows the users access to order Boisé® products. Vivelys’ Boisé®, along with distributor G3 Enterprises, provide in-depth customer support for winemaking, and oak ingredient choices to help achieve objectives. The free app is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.  

About Vivelys:

As a member of the Oeneo Group, Vivelys specializes in precision oenology and wine ageing. Vivelys is at the origin of major innovations and has created brands that are now established on all continents: like Boisé®; premium oenological oak solutions, Visio; 1st worldwide patent for Micro-Oxygenation, DYOSTEM®, decision support tool for grape harvest, Scalya®, fermentation and ageing supervision system, and Ecolys®, ecological and economical ecosystem for the production of active ferments. For more information, visit: www.vivelys.com or call 1-707-546-2213.

About G3 Enterprises:

G3 Enterprises is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer and logistics provider.  G3 Enterprises leverages its wide breadth of expertise to help our customers by focusing on innovation, quality, and technical services. Our mission is to provide creative, integrated solutions for beverage and ag industry partners with quality packaging products and supply chain services. For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit:  www.g3enterprises.com  or call   1-800-321-8747.

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