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Washington Wine Launches Sommlight Conversation Series


Digital series features renowned sommeliers & wine professionals

SEATTLE (July 22, 2020) — The Washington State Wine Commission launched an innovative new digital conversation series that aims to disrupt the average perception of sommeliers and “somms.” Hosted by Washington Wine’s Marketing Director David Flaherty, Sommlight unveils the other side of sommeliers and wine professionals, showcasing their humor, humanity and depth.

“Sommeliers are so professional by nature, that it’s been fascinating to pull back the curtain a bit, have some fun, and reveal the complexities and unique qualities everyone can relate to,” Flaherty said. “We have an opportunity to showcase some of our favorite people in the wine business that are forging unique paths and inspiring so many of us.”

When they’re working on the floor, it’s clockwork. But when they’re off the floor, what makes them tick? This series pulls apart the archetype to see what makes top wine professionals feel most alive, and what drives their passion for the business. But also, the last book they read, their favorite 90s song, and their go-to guilty pleasure food and wine pairing.

The series kicked off last week with famed sommelier Erik Segelbaum, who loves both off-dry Riesling and winery dogs – but won’t sell you eggnog in the summer. The next episode drops tomorrow, and every Thursday thereafter.

Sommlight is available on every platform, and in multiple forms. While it is primarily run as an IGTV series with episodes ranging 12-16 minutes, you can also experience 1-minute teasers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and even a long-form podcast version of each episode (40+ minutes) on the brand new Sommlight website through Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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