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Nordby Companies Launches New Winery Advisors Division


The North Bay’s Leading Construction Company’s New Division Will Help Wineries Assess, Analyze and Optimize Long-Term Facility Investments

(Santa Rosa, Calif.) July 22, 2020 – Tony Simmons, president and partner at Nordby Companies, today announced the formation of Nordby Winery Advisors, a new division of the North Bay’s leading construction company. Nordby Winery Advisors is a consultancy focused on assisting wineries with the analysis and assessment of their facilities to optimize long-term facility investments and capital planning. After building more than one hundred wineries, Nordby has a keen sense of a winery’s operational needs.

Nordby Winery Advisors will be led by Tony Simmons, who has been with the company for 20 years, and has overseen numerous high-profile winery projects, including several with Duckhorn Wine Company, Foley Family Wines, Jackson Family Wines, as well as Franciscan Winery, Inglenook Winery, Sequoia Grove Winery, Krupp Brothers Winery, Goosecross Winery and more.

Tony Simmons commented “I’m thrilled to be spearheading Nordby Winery Advisors, as our company has such deep expertise and experience in the wine industry. We are the first and only company in Northern California to offer a complete consulting service providing guidance on winery equipment, maintenance, operations and financial decisions to increase wineries’ ROI. Our ultimate intention is to provide strategic guidance that not only addresses short term, but also long-term financial success by evaluating equipment performance and operational coherence.”

While winery operations may differ, they all have similar concerns such as equipment maintenance and building maintenance at the facility. Maintenance is ongoing and can be disruptive to operational capacity during the harvest season. Value assessments along with annual CapEx budgets aim to capture and address these concerns.  Nordby Winery Advisors has the expertise to provide thorough reporting and budgeting to ensure clients’ facilities continue to provide a positive ROI.

Nordby Winery Advisors offers a forward-looking partnership for a wide range of wineries, including wineries of all sizes, existing winery expansions, brand-new wineries, wineries seeking to position themselves for sale and for buyers of new wineries.

Nordby Winery Advisors Services

Base Consultation

Nordby Winery Advisors has the expertise to provide comprehensive reports and budgeting to ensure each facility operates in a way to provide quality products and implement strategic financial decisions to ensure a strong future.

  • Equipment (Useful Life) Analysis and Costing
  • Facility Deferred Maintenance Evaluation and Costing
  • Annual CapEx Budget Development and Implementation
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Reviews

Additional Offerings

Nordby Winery Advisors has a depth of knowledge to also assist facilities with compliance, risk analysis, as-builts, due diligence and management.

  • Winery Operational Compliance Review
  • ADA/CASp (Certified Access Specialist) Compliance
  • Risk Analysis, Fire Life Safety & Earthquake
  • Facility As-Built Services
  • Acquisitions and/or Sales Due Diligence Review & Reporting
  • Construction, Design coordination and/or Management
  • Deferred Maintenance Implementation and/or Equipment Replacement

About The Nordby Companies

The Nordby Companies was founded in 1979 and over the past 40 years has grown into the leader in commercial contracting in Northern California providing specialty construction management, general contracting services and the construction of wine caves. Services are encouraged to begin at the conceptual phase, emphasizing the importance of early budgeting to effectively set a baseline for project decision-making. Nordby provides comprehensive preconstruction and construction services to ensure the intended project requirements for scope, budget and schedule are met throughout the course of the project as well as post occupancy. For more information, please visit nordby.net.



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