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Job Board Created for Napa Valley Wineries Hiring This Harvest Season


Napa Valley Vintners7/15/2020 – The Napa Valley Vintners has launched a matchmaking webpage that connects job seekers with Napa Valley winemaking teams looking to hire this harvest season.  

In a typical year, Napa Valley’s harvest intern positions are largely sought out by international applicants. With the interruption of international travel, and a freeze on J-1 educational exchange visas related to Covid-19, winemakers are optimisitc that workforce needs will be filled by local talent.    

More than 25 Napa Valley wineries are currently seeking interns, and hope to attract workers who want to deepen their wine knowledge or wish to explore a career in winemaking. 

“A harvest internship provides an opportunity to learn about every aspect of wine production and can be helpful for those considering a career in winemaking as well as for those in related industries,” said Matt Reid, winemaker at Benessere Vineyards.  

“Understanding the process of winemaking can yield insights that are helpful to many careers. For example, a wine buyer can ask better-informed questions, or a sommelier can better describe how a wine was produced,” said Reid. 

While prior cellar experience is not necessary, there are several character traits that winemakers agree are essential to working a harvest.  

“Those that have the highest aptitude for the work typically possess a maniacal attention to detail, a tireless work ethic, and the ability to meet adverse situations head on, all while keeping an upbeat attitude,” said Josh Widaman, winemaker at Lewis Cellars. 

For those who might wonder what role a harvest intern plays, Widaman said, “Every task that they complete is integral to the making of wine. We hope that they will leave here with an in-depth knowledge of the complete process from dirt to glass.” 

Applicants are encouraged to explore job postings at https://napavintners.com/wineries/harvest-interns-needed.asp.  



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