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Terravion Bolsters Enterprise Team, Announces Operational Readiness for Latin American Expansion


TerrAvion offers functional and affordable imagery data that creates value and ROI for the whole agricultural supply chain is expanding its services in Latin America.

San Leandro, California, USA: TerrAvion, the largest aerial imagery provider for agriculture, today announced that after another year of successful growth in Brazil, it is expanding its services to other countries in Latin America. With multiple years of experience, working out the logistics of capturing agricultural imagery at a large scale in different climates and countries, TerrAvion has obtained regulatory approval in Chile and Paraguay to start its operation. TerrAvion has built a program that can help its imagery distributors successfully implement and optimize digital agronomy programs for agricultural suppliers and growers alike. 

“Within a few years, we’ve grown from a start-up into an international company, and the global demand for our services is accelerating,” said Robert Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Founder of TerrAvion. “We have continuously increased our footprint to meet client demand and are excited and ready to bring affordable, high-quality data to any country in the Americas where we can partner with a local distributor. Our sales model is built on supporting local distributors enabling growers to improve their yield, making it a win for the entire agricultural supply chain.”

After receiving several years of positive feedback for bringing affordable high-resolution imagery solutions to Brazil, TerrAvion is responding to interest from other countries in Latin America. As a result, TerrAvion has appointed the Enterprise Vice Presidents Raúl Enrique Peña for Spanish speaking Latin America and Andrew Pylypchuk for Brazil and Commonwealth countries. Both have a broad experience working with distributors to help implement and successfully grow their digital agronomy services and aligning their business with TerrAvion’s aerial imagery services.   

“I am excited to be leading TerrAvion’s commitment to expanding our presence in Chile and Paraguay with our affordable and scalable services,” said Raúl Peña, Enterprise Vice President at TerrAvion. “We are prepared to support our distributor’s programs with our high-quality and timely data, vital to perform precision agronomy.

TerrAvion helps farms take a high-­tech approach to improve yield and revenue, with the largest cloud-­based aerial imaging and data analytics service for agriculture. The high-resolution, affordable imagery services are provided through API-integrated partners and dealers locally to provide the needed support to growers to optimize their inputs and receive the highest ROI possible on every acre/hectare. TerrAvion’s open API enables easy integration with agricultural software.

TerrAvion imagery services have the features and benefits that agriculture needs to implement a digital agronomy program successfully:

    • Bands and products to drive meaningful decisions
    • Functional image data resolution to see every row
    • Schedules and services to show every agronomic event for your crop
    • Access how, when, and where you need it
    • Reliability to run your digital program at the scale of agriculture 

About TerrAvion: TerrAvion helps farms take a high-­tech approach to improve yield and revenue, with the largest cloud­-based aerial imaging and data analytics service for agriculture. TerrAvion provides growers from small family farms to the largest agribusinesses with current images and data that accurately detail the conditions of every acre, helping identify problems early before they impact yield. Founded in 2013, TerrAvion’s investors include Merus Capital, Initialized Capital, 10x Group, and Y Combinator. For more information, visit www.terravion.com or follow @TerrAvion.

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