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Santa Julia, Argentina’s #1 Organic Wine Producer, Introduces El Burro Malbec Natural Wine


El Burro BottleshotNiles, IL – July 13,2020 – Award-winning importer Winesellers, Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new natural wine from Santa Julia, Argentina’s top organic wine producer.  The wine, named El Burro, is a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, produced from certified organic estate vineyards without the addition of sulfites. It is also “Fair for Life” fair trade certified and suitable for vegans and will retail at $18.00 SRP.

El Burro Malbec is the first natural wine from Bodega Santa Julia and reflects the winery’s mission to develop wines in an organic and sustainable way, coexisting with the environment instead of harming it. Natural wines have the most minimal human intervention in the winemaking process – no sulfites are added, wild yeasts initiate spontaneous fermentation, and the wine is bottled unfiltered. The wine holds fresh aromas of plum and cherry, with a full-bodied palate.  The high quality packaging is topped off with a wax capsule over natural cork.

“Santa Julia has been a very innovative winery for many years, which is one of the pillars that represents their foundation,” says Jordan Sager, Co-President of Winesellers. “This innovation, combined with their desire to work in harmony with nature, has brought us this exciting new concept to represent Argentina within the growing natural wine movement.”

El Burro is a representation of Santa Julia, a winery with a strong environmental and sociological vision. 740 of the 1,729 acres are organic with a goal set at 100% certification. All water used in the winery is repurposed for irrigation and a dedicated compost program reduces material waste and allows the property to utilize only natural fertilizers. As Julia Zuccardi says, “True Sustainability is not just about the land, but the people too.” Santa Julia was the first winery in Mendoza to achieve “Fair for Life” certification and has an adult classroom for adult employees to further or complete their education with support courses for children and teenagers as well. Employees and families in Santa Rosa also have a multi-purpose space with the only computer lab in the area, study zones, a gym, and a library. These aid in Santa Julia’s goals to support the community, further economic growth and reduce inequality. Their goal is to keep their community happy and healthy.


Founded in early 1990s, Santa Julia is one of the emblematic Argentine wine brands, both in Argentina and around the world. Santa Julia is a combination of the quality and diversity of the Mendoza land, which produces modern wines. Bodega Santa Julia is committed to being natural, environmentally friendly, and growing in harmony with the community. The long-term sustainability of harvests is extremely important, and Santa Julia fosters the natural richness of the soil through certified organic vineyard management. 


Founded in 1978 by Yale Sager, Winesellers, Ltd. is a second generation, family-owned and globally recognized importer, and marketer of fine wines to the U.S. market. The company’s portfolio represents the finest quality of wines in their respective price category and has widespread distribution in all 50 U.S. states. The Winesellers, Ltd. portfolio includes producers and brands from Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and other countries worldwide.

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