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Benchmark Wine Group Named One of the 50 Best Wine Retailers in America by Wine Enthusiast Magazine


The online wine retailer was recognized for their distinctive business model, methods and practices to authenticate, value, purchase, store and resell the most coveted wines in the world 

Benchmark LogoNapa, June 15th, 2020 – Benchmark Wine Group, the largest online retailer of rare wine, has been named one of Wine Enthusiast’s 50 Best Wine Retailers in America for 2020. Benchmark successfully established its place as a top wine retailer with an inventory of over 70,000 bottles, expertise in wine authentication, and the customer service you look for in a brick-and-mortar. 

“We are very excited and honored to be named one of Wine Enthusiast’s 50 best wine retailers in America. We would not be here without our loyal customer base whom we have built very strong relationships with over the years” comments Dave Parker, CEO of Benchmark Wine Group, “I want to thank our passionate staff for working tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of customer service is met each day. 

With $36M in annual sales, an estimated 3% market share of the US’s $1.1B online wine sales, and 4% of the $1B rare (i.e., back vintage) wine market, Benchmark Wine Group is the largest single retailer in the rare wine category nationwide. Benchmark Wine Group has grown at a cumulative annual growth rate of over 19% through strategic acquisitions, proprietary valuation, and pricing methods, making it one of the fastest growing online alcohol retailers; in an industry growing at 2%, by comparison. 

Over the past eighteen years, Benchmark has acquired for resale some of the most sought after wines on the planet. Their Napa-based inventory features more than 10,000 SKUs of rare and well-aged wine, including verticals of Colgin starting at 1994, six pack horizontals of Petrus 1998 and large format Cheval Blanc 2005. 

During these trying times for society in general and the hospitality industry in particular, Benchmark Wine Group has made it a goal to support their trade customers, helping them liquidate their wine inventories, purchasing over $200,000 of top wine from on-premise accounts. Recent purchases include over 1800 bottles from a 3 Michelin star restaurant and over $35,000 of Burgundy, Italian, and German wine from another Michelin starred account. 

Recently, they partnered with the United Sommeliers Foundation for their ‘Raid Y(our) Cellar’ virtual tasting series. 

Parker continues “Supporting United Sommeliers foundation during the COVID-19 Pandemic was an easy decision for us. Whether a customer, employee, or a host during a dinner event, the Sommelier community has been an important part of the growth of not just our company, but the wine industry.” 

For more information on Benchmark Wine Group please contact Michelle Erland at [email protected] or Pia Szabo at [email protected]

About Benchmark Wine Group:

Benchmark is the leading source of fine and rare wine for wine retailers, restaurants and collectors around the world. Based in Napa Valley, they acquire the most sought-after wines from private individuals and professional contacts. Their staff draws on decades of industry experience and is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all clients. Benchmarkwine.com offers 24 hour access to their cellar, displaying inventory in real time, ready for purchase. 

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