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Serendipity Wines Launches Restaurant Rally Sales Drive


Serendipity Wines partners with local relief organizations to raise funds for Restaurant Industry 

Serendipity LogoAustin, Texas: Serendipity Wines today announced a new charitable fundraising program – Serendipity’s Restaurant Rally Sales Drive – to help support and rebuild the restaurant community devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This program will raise funds for Restaurant Industry Relief Organizations throughout Texas.

“It is core to Serendipity’s mission to do the right thing and be the best possible partner to our customers and community,” says Hutch Hill, Vice President of Sales at Serendipity. “We wanted to do something locally-oriented that immediately supports the economic health of our restaurants with great programs while offering assistance to those affected in the greater restaurant community.” 

Serendipity will donate 5% of the sales from participating wineries to local organizations supporting restaurant workers who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Beneficiary Organizations include: Austin Shift Meal (Austin), Culinaria (San Antonio), Heard That Foundation (Dallas), and Southern Smoke (Houston).

“Restaurants were the foundation of our success when our family launched the company,” says Troy Kuhn, Serendipity Wines Co-CEO. “We are thrilled that so many of our winery partners have joined us to create this special program that will help our restaurant customers find their footing as they rebuild. It is essential to us and to our winery partners that we have a strong and vibrant restaurant community.”

About Serendipity Wines:

Serendipity Wine’s vision is to build a business that allows our customers, suppliers and employees to explore cultures, share stories and better connect through wine and spirits. Serendipity thoughtfully curates its portfolio from across the globe while cultivating and maintaining lasting partnerships through elevated customer experiences. For more information visit: www.serendipitywines.com



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