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Commerce7 and Emetry Partner to Bring Better Customer Understanding to Wine


NAPA, CALIFORNIA, MAY 2020: Emetry is excited to announce their collaboration with Commerce7, a commerce system for the alcohol industry. Working with Commerce7 Emetry, a data analytics software solution, unveils deeper customer understanding so wine brands can be smarter and take action faster.

Fragmented data has been an ongoing challenge for the wine industry. Customer data is often split between systems, skewed from years of accumulated data debt, or difficult to impossible to access en masse for meaningful ongoing analysis and data-driven decisions. The partnership between Emetry and Commerce7 closes this gap and provides wine brands with answers and automation capabilities to create incredible customer experiences.

“At Commerce7 we are excited about this partnership. I think it’s great how Emetry can consume Commerce7 data, run it through their proprietary algorithms, find important insights, and then push those insights back into our customer record, so a wineries frontline staff can view it. Knowing the “dødsing” point, and the automated emails around it will assist wineries in retaining customers. I’m really excited about some of the other insights that are being worked on.” – Andrew Kamphuis, President of Commerce7.

The two companies’ securely exchange data via robust two-way APIs. Emetry pulls data, real-time, from Commerce7’s system, analyzes it, and segments customers into actionable groups (Top Performers, Consistent Buyers, Casual Buyers, and Spectators) based on customer behavior. The customer segment is pushed back to Commerce7, enabling wineries to group and target customers with cohesive communication and experiences.

In addition to the powerful segmentation features, Emetry and Commerce7 are announcing marketing automation around the Dødsing Point, focused on increasing customer retention. The Dødsing Point is the pivotal point within a segment where nurturing the customer relationship will increase retention. When customers approach this influential point, Emetry triggers a message to Commerce7, and they fire an automated email to strengthen the customer-winery relationship. Pre-formatted email templates, tailored to each segment, are ready to go within the Commerce7 system written by one of the world’s most thoughtful wine-biz writers who also works in marketing automation. The templates are fully customizable, so wineries can tailor the message and let it work behind the scenes.

“In these times we need companies that don’t just integrate software but collaborate on solutions. Andrew and Commerce7 partnered with us to build a solution to help wineries retain more customers and sell more wine. This should be the model we all aspire to implement for the betterment of the industry.” – Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry

This is just the beginning of a budding relationship between Emetry and Commerce7. Both companies are dedicated to empowering wineries to enhance customer experiences. Their collaboration brings the industry another step closer to the ultimate goal of helping wine brands succeed.

ABOUT EMETRY: Emetry is a consumer data and analytics software platform for wine brands. They aggregate data from a range of digital sources to construct meaningful understanding and uncover answers to build consumer relationships, drive direct-to-consumer sales, and advance distribution growth. 

ABOUT COMMERCE7: Commerce7 is a DTC platform focused on providing customer-centric commerce solutions to the wine industry. Innovative features such as being 100% API based, their personalization engine, and modern e-commerce and club solutions have made it the platform of choice for wineries looking for a modern solution.



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