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Bouchard Cooperages Welcomes Oscar Cervera for Business Development in Mexico


Bouchard Cooperages, an International representative of Premium Oak Barrels, Casks and French Oak Barrel Alternatives, as well as Premium Eggs, Jarres and Amphorae, is thrilled to welcome Oscar Cervera to the team, as a Barrel and Tank Consultant, representing Bouchard Cooperages in Mexico.

Cervera is a skilled and passionate professional with more than ten years of experience in the wine industry. Through his current position as an independent representative at AEB Group, a leader in biotechnology products for the wine and beverage alcohol industry, he has been successful to develop more than 40 customers in the wine, cider and tequila industries.

Cervera is also a partner in a winery in Central Mexico: Vinos del Marques. Cervera shares Bouchard Cooperages company values that encompass “A commitment to quality and customer service” and looks forward to developing the presence of Bouchard Cooperages family of suppliers and assisting customer’s needs throughout the Mexican winemaking territories including Baja California, North, Central Mexico and more, including the possible incursion into the tequila and liquor industries in the country.

Bouchard Cooperages Family of Suppliers include:


  • Tonnellerie Billlon (Beaune) – French Oak and Acacia Barrels & Puncheons
  • Tonnellerie DAMY (Meursault) – French Oak Barrels & Puncheons
  • Tonnellerie Maury (Bordeaux) – French Oak Barrels & Puncheons
  • Fassbinderei Schneckenleitner (Austria) – Austrian & Acacia Puncheons, Foudres & Tanks
  • European Coopers Hungary (Hungary) – Hungarian Oak Barrels & Puncheons
  • Canadell (Southern France) – French Oak Barrel Alternatives


  • Drunk Turtle (Italy) – Cocciopesto & Concrete Eggs
  • Vin et Terre (Bordeaux) – Sandstone Jarres
  • Montecchio (Italy) – Impruneta Terracotta Amphorae

For more information, please reach out to sales@bouchardcooperages.com or visit www.bouchardcooperages.com



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