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Irriwatch and Vinduino Launch Disrupting Irrigation Scheduling Service


Vinduino and IrriWatch join forces, making IrriWatch technology available to growers in the USA

Temecula California, May 18, 2020 – Vinduino and IrriWatch today announced that they partner to market and support the IrriWatch solution in the USA, where Vinduino will also use IrriWatch data in their award-winning irrigation automation system.

IrriWatch, is the first company to provide highly detailed soil water potential and soil moisture data in the root zone on the basis of thermal images using satellite remote sensing technology.

In addition the actual crop evapotranspiration and crop production estimate is delivered.

It is like having many virtual sensors because every 30 x 30 feet of your field is captured.

Your irrigation decisions no longer depend on local sensor measurements that are assumed representative for your fields. IrriWatch measures every corner of your field, every day, at an annual subscription cost of less than $6 per acre.

“Accurate irrigation is very important for optimal crop results. IrriWatch is a unique new service that provides game changing cost and performance advantages over traditional sensors in the field. We evaluated IrriWatch in our own fields and obtained accurate and reliable irrigation scheduling information”, says Reinier van der Lee, CEO and founder of Vinduino.

“Traditional installations with soil moisture sensors in combination with data from weather stations provides only spot measurements and is relatively expensive, besides requiring maintenance.
IrriWatch solves this by providing root zone soil moisture and crop evapotranspiration in one affordable solution, no hardware installation needed, for less than $ 6/year per acre”,
says Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen, CEO and founder of IrriWatch.

“Field measurements have always been critical for understanding soil and crop status. However, in order to understand field scale variability, we can’t expect growers to install multiple sensors in every field. IrriWatch has the potential to fill this void”, says Dr. Jeff Davids, Associate Professor at the California State University Chico.

Backgrounder: The science behind IrriWatch

The Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) is the core model of IrriWatch.

For 30 years, Professor Bastiaanssen and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. students have done field research to ground-truth the evapotranspiration, soil moisture and crop production estimates from SEBAL.

This includes validation in cereals, root and tuber crops, tropical fruit trees, vegetables, legumes, fiber crops and fodders. There are hundreds of scientific articles publicly accessible.

IrriWatch is now available to growers in the USA as annual subscription through Vinduino, www.vinduino.com.

About IrriWatch
IrriWatch helps farmers and their irrigators to optimize irrigation water applications in a world of dynamical weather, soil and crop processes, ultimately leading to a higher field efficiency and water productivity. For more information visit www.irriwatch.com

About Vinduino
Vinduino builds the future of agriculture technology with award-winning products and services that improve farm profitability by lowering water and labor costs, increasing yield and fruit quality.
Our award winning products are proudly designed and assembled in Temecula Wine Country, California. For more information visit www.vinduino.com.

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