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Seatpocket Wines Founded by Grammy-Nominated Drummer Oscar Seaton Jr. Unveils New Wines That Reflect the Taste of Music Through a ‘Total Sensory Experience’ Wine Club


Wines inspired by music… Imagine your favorite song. Listen to the notes and become engulfed in the rhythm. Now pour a glass of SeatPocket Wines and experience flavors that are well-blended and harmoniously in tune with one another. Music comes to life! 

Earning the nickname “Seatpocket” in 1998 while on the road due to his uncanny ability to play drums in the pocket with an impeccable groove. Oscar decided that his wine label should share the same name that connects him to music through the selection of wines that evoke rhythm and conscious connectedness. 

Available now on www.seatpocketwines.com people can experience the vision of Oscar Seaton Jr. by purchasing bottles or joining the Seatpocket Wine Club. Oscar said “I’ve always loved wine. And because I’ve had the ability to drink wine all over the world due to my musical travels, wine became special to me. So, I wanted a label that reflected that interest”. 

Founded in 2017 as a boutique wine label, SeatPocket Wines was launched to allow people to join the total sensory experience of wine that showcases Oscar’s musical inclinations. As Oscar states, “I want people to be able to enjoy my wines now. Our world has changed, and people need to be able to relax and have positive thoughts. They are unable to be with friends and family in most instances, but with wine…we are connected. This is how the world works. We are one, now”. 

For more information, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @SeatPocketWines or visit us on the web at www.seatpocketwines.com 

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