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La Pivón Spanish Vermouth Celebrates Second Annual Vermouth Day May 15


There’s Never Been A Better Time to Integrate Spain’s ‘Hora del Vermut’ Into Your Daily Routine

SONOMA, Calif. (May 12, 2020) — Just in time for lighter spring cocktails, spritz season and creative, low-ABV options to spice-up the digital happy hour routine,  invites you to get to know La Pivón Vermouth ahead of the second annual Vermouth Day on Friday, May 15.  La Pivón blends distinctly Spanish flavor profiles in both its Blanco and Rojo variations and can be enjoyed as an aperitif on the rocks, as a simple spritz or to create an unexpected twist in a classic cocktail.  

Crafted in Madrid, La Pivón Vermouth (SRP $29) was inspired by the daily 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Spanish ritual of La Hora del Vermut.  This “Vermouth Hour” is a treasured tradition Madrileños have practiced for decades as a way to bring friends and family together before a great meal—typically lunch—to awaken the appetite and ignite the senses.  In 2019, La Pivón and 3 Badge Beverage Corporation established Vermouth Day to embrace that special Spanish tradition here in the United States and beyond.

“The beauty of La Pivón is in its flavorful simplicity,” says August Sebastiani, 3 Badge President.  “While many aperitifs are best when dressed up, La Pivón Vermouth poured along with a slice of orange and tonic water is about as delicious as a beverage can get. And don’t forget the olive on the side.”

La Pivón is made with macerated locally sourced herbs and botanicals like cardamom, wormwood, cinnamon, clove, orange peel, lemon peel, gentian, as well as oranges from Valencia, Spain, resulting in herbaceous, balanced and versatile profiles.  Both the Blanco and Rojo La Pivón Vermouths pair perfectly with pantry staple tapas like olives and sardines, though both pair well with almost any salty snack.

The slang Spanish term La Pivón, translates to “a very attractive person,” and at 16 percent ABV, La Pivón Vermouth is attractively aromatic and light, making La Hora del Vermut the ultimate excuse for digital happy hour cocktails with friends and colleagues (while also facilitating those more marathon Zoom sessions).

Set travel restrictions aside, and enjoy a getaway at home with La Pivón as it transports you to Spain via

via La Hora del Vermut.  Vermouth Day may be Friday, May 15, but why not make it every day?  For more information about 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, cocktail recipes and where to buy La Pivón Vermouth, please visit LaPivonVermouth.com.

About 3 Badge Beverage Corporation

Founded in 2009, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is a négociant representing an innovative portfolio of terroir-driven wines and craft spirits from around the globe. Headquartered out of a historic, refurbished fire station in Sonoma, California, 3 Badge is led by fourth-generation vintner August Sebastiani. Named for his grandfather’s volunteer firefighting service badges, 3 Badge is built upon a philosophy of exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to place. 3 Badge Mixology offers Benjamin Chapman Whiskey, La Pivón Vermouth, Uncle Val’s Handcrafted Gin, Kirk & Sweeney Rum, Pasote Tequila and Bozal Mezcal, while 3 Badge Enology includes Gehricke Wines from Sonoma and Cedar + Salmon wines from the Pacific Northwest. Additional information can be found at 3badge.com.



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