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Aperture Cellars Announces Partnership with Single Thread Farms and Somm TV to Celebrate “The Delicacy” Film Release


Healdsburg Calif., May 7th 2020 — Aperture Cellars, the renowned Sonoma Winery founded by winemaker Jesse Katz, is excited to announce its partnership with Single Thread Farms for a special wine package coinciding with today’s virtual release of the SOMM TV documentary “The Delicacy”, which prominently features Single Thread’s Chef and Owner Kyle Connaughton. The winery has made available for purchase a custom set that includes their 2019 Aperture Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and 2019 Aperture Cellars Chenin Blanc, along with a signed Single Thread recipe card for Connaughton’s Hokkaido-style Seafood Hotpot dish. As a part of this offering, donations are being made to Sonoma Family Meal and Corazón Healdsburg to provide meals to those in need during this crisis.

Initially, the Aperture Cellars’ new winery and hospitality center was set to be the host venue for the world premiere of “The Delicacy” this month, an event that paired a multi-course dinner from Connaughton, the wines of Katz, and a Q&A with the director of the film, Jason Wise. While the community continues to wait out the Shelter in Place instituted during the Coronavirus pandemic, the three have pivoted to the new offering of a seafood hot pot recipe-and-wines package, which gives back to the community while celebrating the harmony between Aperture’s white wines and bounty of Californian seafood.

“Jesse Katz of Aperture Cellars is a great friend, neighbor, and one of our favorite winemakers here in Sonoma County,” notes the restaurant in an official statement. “We are excited about this hotpot which pays homage to sustainable seafood in California, and equally important allows us to cook to Jesse’s beautiful wines showcasing their finer attributes. Jesse has an amazing ability to capture the sense of place in a wine through the lens of each grape.” 

Shot entirely on film, “The Delicacy” is the story of a rare and exotic food, the sea urchin, and how it’s harvested, how it’s eaten, and the role it plays in nature and the lives of those who bring it to the table. The film takes the viewer from the coastal waters of California to the plates of high-end restaurants as it follows one of the most sought after foods in the world gathered by the most dangerous profession.⁠

The wine and recipe pack will be available for a limited time this month online; for more information on the wine offering and the partnership, please visit Aperture Cellars’ website. 

About Aperture Cellars

Aperture Cellars champions a range of stunning Bordeaux style wines from the Sonoma Valley. Founded in 2009 by winemaker Jesse Katz, Aperture wines are crafted from unique, cool-climate vineyards in Sonoma’s top regions. Aperture controls 140+ acres of vineyards, in addition to their 32 planted acres on the estate site, specifically sourced for their unique terroir and soil composition. Wanting to craft wines on par with the quality and refinement that are so integral to a Bordeaux, Jesse set roots in Sonoma, believing it offers the best of both worlds: new world fruit and old-world elegance.

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