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Pierce’s Disease Referendum: Vote YES!


Wine InstituteWine Institute, The California Association of Winegrape Growers and Family Winemakers of California urge you to vote YES on the Pierce’s Disease Control Program (PDCP) referendum. Continuing the PDCP is essential to maintaining the health and longevity of California vineyards and winegrowing.

On May 8, CDFA will issue a duplicate ballot to all growers who have yet to participate in the referendum with an extended June 8 deadline to submit ballots. If you have any difficulty accessing your ballot, please contact Tyler Blackney
The spread of the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS), Pierce’s disease and other pests and diseases are a threat to every winegrape growing region of California. Voting YES for the PDCP will continue important work to help contain the spread of GWSS and develop long-term solutions to safeguard our vineyards from Pierce’s disease. Since 2001, the program has produced $45.4 million of investments into research, education and outreach, with $34.3 million specifically directed toward Pierce’s disease and GWSS research.

The PDCP also seeks to protect against other present or emerging threats to our state’s vineyards. Under the guidance of a 15-member Board of Directors, representing growers and wineries from around the state, the program now supports important research on:

  • European grapevine moth
  • Brown marmorated stink bug
  • All mealybug pests of winegrapes
  • Spotted lanternfly
  • The diseases of red blotch, grapevine associated leafroll virus, and fanleaf virus

Ballots for the vote on the PDCP Referendum were sent out on April 9 and your vote is needed. While the program has broad support, at least 40% of eligible growers must cast ballots to validate the referendum; that threshold has not yet been reached. Your vote is essential.
Passage of the referendum requires a supermajority of those voting to vote YES. Your YES vote will extend the program for an additional five years, until March 1, 2026.
Please vote today for the future of our industry. Don’t let this important program fail due to a lack of grower participation in the referendum.

For more information on this important vote, please visit:
California Department of Food and Agriculture Pierce’s Disease Control Program

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