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Washington Wine Launches Digital Effort #SipGlocal

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A global movement that rallies around a bottle of wine

SEATTLE, WA (April 20, 2020) – Support local, think global, #SipGlocal. The Washington State Wine Commission launched an initiative to amplify voices of those supporting the global food and drink community, starting right here at home.

Sip Glocal is a wine-themed play on the (real) word ‘Glocal’, n., reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.

“The situation we are in today is bigger than any one body, industry, state or country, and so we wanted this idea to be bigger than any one person, brand, or community,” said Brett Rawson, Social Media Manager for the Washington State Wine Commission. “Sip Glocal is about combining resources and forging connections, and encouraging others near and far to support whatever ‘local’ means to them.”

At its core, Sip Glocal intends to show what Washington wineries are doing to support their local communities, restaurants, and small businesses. The campaign’s foundation is built on four main programs: (1) The Buddy System, (2) Message in a (Wine) Bottle, (3) Sommlight, and (4) Wine Zones.

  1. The Buddy System: Doing what we can to help other industries. Washington wineries are finding creative ways to weather this storm while also helping out their neighbors. This includes donating a portion of sales to charitable organizations, teaming up with local restaurants encouraging take-out, sharing and donating equipment to assist in producing hand sanitizers, or supplying those on the frontlines with #WAwine.
  2. Message in a (Wine) Bottle. A handwritten-letter movement. This call-to-action encourages people to spread messages of love and reality, hope and humor to offer connection and creativity over a bottle of wine.
  3. Sommlight: An IGTV series that humanizes the wine world. This series disrupts the notion of what a sommelier is. What we see is the serious suit-side of ‘somms’, but they also have lazy Sundays and deep hobbies. Join us as we pull apart the archetype and see what makes them feel most alive.
  4. Wine Zones: A global conversation about wine. Every Friday at 12pm PST / 8pm GDT, Dr. Jamie Goode hosts an Instagram Live conversation with a wine professional living in different wine (time) zones, ending each episode where this movement began: in Washington State interviewing a Washington winemaker.

Even in its short existence, the campaign has highlighted hundreds of wineries and grape growers, wine drinkers, and wine followers across the community reaching out with support.

“The only way we’ll get through this is the same way we got here: Together, one sip at a time,” Rawson said.

Support local. Think global. Sip Glocal. Follow along on Instagram @SipGlocal.

About the Washington State Wine Commission:
The Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) represents every licensed winery and wine grape grower in Washington State. Guided by an appointed board, WSWC provides a marketing platform to raise positive awareness about the Washington wine industry and generate greater demand for its wines. Funded almost entirely by the industry through assessments based on grape and wine sales, WSWC is a state government agency, established by the legislature in 1987. To learn more, visit www.washingtonwine.org.

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