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Sparkling Wine Emerged as Most Mentioned Wine Category Among Industry Experts on Twitter During H2 2019, Says Globaldata

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Sparkling wine was the most discussed wine category with 33% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase among the conversations of leading wine influencers on Twitter during the second half (H2) of 2019, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. 

Global Data Pie ChartAn analysis of GlobalData’s Wine Influencer Platform, which tracks the industry experts from wine industry and their discussions around the emerging trends, insights and overviews, new fields of innovation and technology, and other popular areas on Twitter, revealed ‘champagne’ as the most popular segment under sparkling wine category during H2 2019. 

Amandeep Gill, Head of Influencer Research at GlobalData, says: “There have been major innovations worldwide in the sparkling wine category in the past year; hence it is not surprising to see sparkling wine leading the discussions among wine-sommeliers on Twitter.”

The intensity of conversations on wines topic revealed ‘still wine’ as the next popular category among wine conversations, accounting for 31% share. The category conversations were driven by ‘red wine’ and ‘white wine’ segments. The ‘fortified wine’ generated only 5% share of total conversations, led by ‘sherry’ and ‘port wines’. 

Ken Alawine, a wine expert, was the top influencer on Twitter in H2 2019, followed by wine guru with an influencer score of 81 and John Corcoran, founder of Wineoptics, with an influencer score of 79. The conversations from Ken Alawine were largely focussed on latest news and trends related to wineries. 

Among companies, online wine retailer Naked Wines emerged as the most mentioned company among wine conversations, followed by Treasury Wine Estates, a global wine making and distribution business and Kendall-Jackson wine estates, a vineyard and winery. 

Amandeep concludes: “Resonating with the higher demand for sparkling wine, consumers are more likely to go for premiumization and unique sensory experience, indicating continued growth and innovation in wine space category. As sparkling wines remain breeding ground for this innovation, premium priced wines will leverage diversified packaging which will lead to enhanced digitalization in wine industry.”

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