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Winesecrets Offers Vira-Proof, Specialty Sanitation Product


WinesecretsSebastopol, CA-March 24, 2020 – American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s leading wine filtration company, is now offering an additional grade of wine-harvested hi-proof alcohol.

Winesecrets developed this product to meet the urgent need for surface sanitation. Designated Vira-Proof, this product is a blend of 85% food grade ethanol and water purified by reverse osmosis. The new grade meets the 70% level recommended by the Center for Disease Control for virus de-activation on surfaces. The product is intended to be applied by spray onto door handles, counters, bathroom fixtures, and other hard surfaces to protect staff and customers from spreading virus through casual contact. “Winesecrets is happy to have the opportunity to help the community push back against this menace,” remarked Eric Dahlberg, President of American Winesecrets. “Our still is hot, and the team is making more of this product every day.”

Vira-Proof is available in 5-gallon totes along with 30-gallon, and 55-gallon drums at our facility in Sebastopol, CA. Local delivery and shipment by common carrier is available. Due to State and Federal regulations, Winesecrets is able to provide Vira-proof to other businesses in California, and bonded alcoholic beverage producers within the US.

Winesecrets offers outsourced wine production services, including VA and other taint removal, alcohol reduction, other specialized filtration, high-proof alcohol sales, Test Track wine assessment services, and a variety of wastewater treatment technologies.

To learn more about Vira-Proof, please contact Winesecrets Customer Care at 1.888.656.5553, or via email at [email protected]. Visit Winesecrets on the web at www.winesecrets.com.



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