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From One of Israel’s Premier Boutique Wineries Comes Yatir Creek 2016, Top Passover Seder Choice


From the Heart of Israel’s Negev Desert Comes a Special Wine That’s Worthy of Four Cups

(MARCH 19, 2020  – NY, New York/ Negev, Israel) – Yatir, one of the most innovative and highly-acclaimed wineries in Israel, was established in the early 21st century, but it sources its grapes from vineyards from an ancient region where wine presses existed more than 3,000 years ago. The boutique brand uses state-of-the-art winemaking techniques and technology within a man-made forest in the heart of the desert to produce exceptional wines that have steadily gained a passionate following.

Yatir recently created a stir among American wine lovers with the long-anticipated debut of Yatir Creek 2016 (SRP: $55.00). This sophisticated wine possesses a fruity, succulent flavor that pairs perfectly with meat dishes, making it an ideal choice for Passover – especially in light of the historic legacy of winemaking in the Negev from which Yatir draws its inspiration.

Yatir Creek makes an elegant addition to any Seder table. It displays a deep purple color and aromas reminiscent of black cherries, cassis, and toasted almonds. Grainy tannins leave a slightly salty and pleasantly bitter finish. This wine is made from 76% Syrah , 12% Tannat, and 12% Malbec grapes harvested in clay and chalky soil at elevations of 650-900 meters above sea level. Aged in large oak barrels for 12 months and matured in the bottle for two years, Yatir Creek 2016 will mature and cellar well for five to 10 years.

Yatir wines (yatirwinery.com/en) are distinguished by vibrant freshness and the masterful fusion of carefully crafted varietals. The boutique winery releases only about 28,000 cases  a year worldwide, working only with select vineyards that showcase the unique terroirs of the southern tip of the Judean Hills. Yatir’s award-winning wines consistently earn accolades on the international stage – including scores of 90 points or higher for the past nine seasons from Wine Advocate.

About Yatir

The Yatir region in the Judean Hills has produced some of Israel’s most prized grapes for winemaking since the ancient days of the Judean kingdom. Today, at a time when the 2,500-year-old Israeli wine industry is drawing more critical and commercial acclaim than ever before, winemakers from this area of the Negev are producing outstanding wines that stand up to some of the finest in the world.

Yatir Winery was established in the year 2000 as a joint venture between local growers and the Carmel Winery, who recognized the extraordinary potential of the Yatir region. Its first wine was released in 2004. Yatir’s knowledgeable growers and winemakers are committed to excellence every step of the way – from growth and cultivation to harvest, fermentation, aging, and bottling – employing the most cutting-edge technology and equipment available to the industry today. https://yatirwinery.com/en/



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