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Outshinery Experiences Growth with Its Disruptive Wine Photography Technology


Outshinery is faster, better, and smarter in 2020

[Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | March, 2020]​ ​Outshinery, the premier creator of high standard images for the wine industry, has released numbers illustrating disruptive growth since its inception in 2016. Outshinery provides photography that is faster, better, and smarter to wineries, creative directors, and online retailers.

Walking home after watching Jurassic World at the cinema in 2015, an idea hit Laurie Millotte, Outshinery’s founder: “It occurred to me that if computers can make dinosaurs look ​that ​ realistic, perhaps I could do the same for a wine bottle. If Hollywood technology could bring a T-Rex to life, it seemed possible that I could use the same techniques to bring a wine bottle into perfect clarity on any screen.”

At the time, Laurie was working as a designer, creating beautiful wine labels for her clients. The packaging would get great reviews, but Laurie and her clients were often disappointed by lackluster results when the bottles were photographed. Glare, shadows, reflections—these distractions polluted the images and made her clients’ bottles look, well, ​prehistoric.

With the future in mind, Outshinery was born. Laurie and her team leverage the same 3D artistry that makes the impossible come to life (those scary T-Rex teeth!) but thanks to the 800+ brands Outshinery has partnered with since the company was founded in 2016, this tech has a permanent place in the wine industry.

Since 2016, Outshinery has created more than 6,000 Bottle Shots, 884 Lifestyle Images, 107 Product Videos and animated labels. Outshinery is working with clients in 13 countries and 26 states and provinces in North America. “It’s 2020. Wine photography shouldn’t be that hard,” says Laurie Millotte, Outshinery founder, and these growth numbers are a proof of strong demand in the market.

JJ Williams, Director of Operations, Kiona Vineyards in Washington State says “Outshinery can single-handedly change how a winery market itself. On-demand, high-quality, uniform bottle shots? Yes, please. Turn around is just a couple of days and the cost is much lower than hiring a “real” photographer. We get compliments all the time.”

In Ed Feuchuck, VP of Marketing, Napa Farm Collective in California State own words “Our first Outshinery shot wasn’t just impressive, it left us mesmerized. And now, there’s no turning back. Dreaming up 25 new wines each year for Tank Garage Winery may sound like a nightmare (it is) but creating our product photography was just as hard. Spending thousands on studio shoots with long, painful timelines just didn’t jive with our renegade business model, so we found something better.

Enter Outshinery; a team of digital artists so talented that I’m unconvinced they’re not sorcerers. Working with them is so easy. We just upload our artwork to their website, click a few buttons, and within a few days, have the world’s sexiest wine bottle shots.

Even cooler, Outshinery can deliver these images before we actually bottle a wine, allowing us to prototype concepts and promote new releases farther in advance. Ain’t no way we’re stopping now. 200 bottle shots in, Outshinery continues to blow our minds and make us look too damn good.”

Outshinery’s rapid growth is proof that high standard imagery, now more than ever, is a fundamental part of how wine brands market themselves. The key elements for Outshinery’s growth are:

  • Better photos​ than anything you’ve tried.
  • Faster results​ than you’ve ever thought possible.
  • A smarter investment​ than overspending for lackluster results.

About Outshinery

Laurie Millotte created Outshinery in 2016 to help wine brands drive more sales with high-quality product photos and videos. It is transforming how the wine industry markets itself by setting new standards for imagery across every level. Without the need to ship physical samples or hire a traditional photographer, ​Outshinery’s ​technology delivers unparalleled quality imagery of bottles, cans, and more. What’s more is that Outshinery can take these images and place them into context with Lifestyle Images, a key tool for wine brands to market their products on any platform. Today Outshinery works with more that 800 brands in 13 countries, and is set to elevate the imagery standards of the wine, beer, and spirits industries. Outshinery.com​



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