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Celebrating Maryland’s Wine Industry This March


The fourth-annual Maryland Wine Month marks a month-long celebration of Maryland’s historic, growing wine industry

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) – March is Maryland Wine Month. Originating as “Maryland Wine Week” in 2011, Maryland’s wine industry introduced March as the inaugural “Maryland Wine Month” in 2017. Maryland Wine Month showcases the innovation, diversity, and quality found in wineries throughout the state. Wine consumers are invited to participate at wineries and retailers all month.

“Wine Month is a great time to visit your favorite local wineries or to explore new wineries during a weekend getaway,” explains Judy Crow of Crow Vineyard & Winery and President of the Maryland Wineries Association.

Winemaking in Maryland is a tradition dating back to the 17th Century. Maryland’s modern wine industry began taking shape with the bonding of Boordy Vineyard, located in Hydes, in 1945. Today, more than 100 vineyards and wineries operate throughout the state.

“Maryland wine tells a story about our heritage and our state,” says Crow. “Wineries produce agricultural products, often from grapes grown on generational family farms, that are unique to Maryland and delicious.”

In recent years, Maryland wine has gained national notoriety. More than 30 Maryland-produced wine labels have been awarded scores of 90 points, or higher, from national wine critics since 2018. The consumer experience along Maryland’s eleven wine, cider, and mead trails continues to evolve as the industry matures. These attributes elevate Maryland wine’s profile and bolster the state’s reputation for producing high-quality wines for every type of wine drinker.

Kevin Atticks, Executive Director of the Maryland Wineries Association says, “It is an exciting time for wine consumers from all over the country to learn about, to taste, and to explore Maryland wine. The objective quality of many of the wines made here is truly excellent.”

Full details about the Maryland wine industry and the 2020 Maryland Wine Month celebration can be found by visiting the Maryland Wineries Association online at marylandwine.com or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About the Maryland Wineries Association

The Maryland Wineries Association (MWA), formed in 1984, is the non-profit trade association that represents 80 member wineries in Maryland. MWA’s mission is to develop and expand the grape and wine industry in Maryland – through education and promotion.



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