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2300+ Corkscrews – An Amazing 40 Year Collection Spanning over 200 Years

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Michael Papay, a Las Vegas resident, has collected corkscrews for over 40 years. His amazing collection is currently offered on ebay for sale. This is a world-wide collection including corkscrews from the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, England, Canada, Russia, Portugal, and many, many more.

One of the highlights of Michael’s collecting years was a February 2020 appearance on the popular show Pawn Stars. Ric loved a number of corkscrews that Mike brought into the shop and purchased a handful. That was followed by a trip to Mike’s house where Chumlee was impressed by the size of the collection and the variety of corkscrews in it.

Mike’s friend, Don Bull” is the author of “The Ultimate Corkscrew Book” and a number of other books on corkscrews, wine antiques, and Champagne Collectibles. Mike used the “Ultimate” published in 1999 as his collecting Bible. He wanted to have examples of corkscrews from every page in his book (318 pages). He was able to achieve 98% of that goal. In January, 2017, Don came to Las Vegas and photographed all of the corkscrews using the individual pages as backgrounds.

Don returned to Las Vegas again in November, 2017, and the pair set up an exhibit at the J. W. Marriott Hotel & Resort to the delight of a throng of visitors.

Last fall part of Mike’s collection was on loan to the Healdsburg, California library.

Mike says “I enjoyed assembling the collection over the past 40 years and it is now time to give it up to someone with more energy.” He suggests it would be an ideal collection for a winery or bar to draw more visitors. He adds, “And wouldn’t it be great for a home wine cellar or bar to entertain and awe visitors and friends.”

For further details contact Mike Papay at [email protected] or call him at 1-904-557-3422.

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