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Augmented Reality from Every USA Wine Label


New technology to drive opportunity for the wine industry

February 19, 2020. Melbourne, Australia – Every American wine will soon have the benefit of augmented reality, as a ground-breaking new smartphone App prepares to launch worldwide.

Content for more than 10,000 American wine brands will be displayed on the Winerytale App in stunning augmented reality from July this year in a massive boost for the local industry.

Consumers with the Winerytale app will be able to point their phone at almost any American wine label and have the story behind the wine and the winery come to life in virtual images, words and videos.

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Winerytale Managing Director Dave Chaffey said the technology behind the App is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to scan and recognise labels and augmented reality to showcase the wine’s backstory by projecting it from a virtual space in front of the bottle.

“American wineries are about to have the opportunity to add augmented reality to their wine labels for free, levelling the playing field for small, medium and large businesses and providing a proven pathway to the elusive millennial market,” Chaffey said.

“Current world consumers – millennial or not – live their lives through their phones. Being able to give them an experience, in a way they want, influencing the choices they make and harnessing that purchasing power is a no brainer.

“The app allows wineries to tell their story, and through the App’s connection to social media, gives insta-obsessed customers their own virtual connection to the brands they love to love.”

The App is a proven commodity, successfully field tested with more than 500 wine producers across the world in 2019, and now in the middle of a rollout to all Australian wines.

A combination of different technologies underpins the powerful Winerytale platform, including artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, smartphone app and social media. But the platform is as simple to use as Facebook and wineries can manage their own content easily and cheaply.

Industry Opportunity

Chaffey said Winerytale is harnessing existing content for each American winery and turning it into an impressive augmented reality display. Wineries don’t have to do anything different, though they may wish to opt out, or add their own original content in the future.

Chaffey, a seasoned entrepreneur who walked away from a leading Australian digital agency to drive the development and implementation of Winerytale, said the interest in the potential of the technology is strong. 

The Winerytale team are in the process of capital raising US$1.25 million to take the platform to the world. Aligned to that, the next step in the App’s development is AR translation of content into multiple languages.

“In the past few years a handful of wine producers have created augmented reality apps for their specific brand,” Chaffey said.

“This platform is purpose-built for mass adoption to any winery wanting to take advantage of a brand marketing and sales future that will undeniably involve augmented reality.

“Market analysts are all forecasting explosive growth of retail and package based augmented reality in the coming one to two years, so we see this as a huge opportunity.”

“Through Winerytale, the American wine industry can become an early adopter of technology that has the potential to be used across multiple industries like pharmaceutical and grocery.”

More than 10,000 American wine brands will benefit from the initiative, in what is being touted as a tremendous opportunity for the local industry.

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About the Winerytale team

Winerytale is led by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – recognised specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.

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