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The “Organic” Growth of the 2020 Wine Without Walls Selection


Demand for, and production of, organic and biodynamic wine is visibly growing, as is Wine Without Walls, the section of   specifically dedicated to these categories. During the event (April 15th-17th), certified organic and biodynamic wines are presented to a dedicated international jury, a panel composed of specialized professionals within the sector, coordinated by author and expert consultant Monty Waldin.

Verona, February 14th 2020. Wine Without Walls is looking for all of those wineries that are enthusiastically pursuing sustainability, that have what it takes to satisfy the needs of today’s discerning consumers whilst considering the impact for future generations. The production and consumption of organic and biodynamic products is growing year on year, and increasingly businesses are following this model. Around the world, industries are striving to show their effort in becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly. Wine Without Walls draws attention to wineries that not only eliminate chemical products and processes from the production of wine, but endeavor to maintain or achieve official accreditation, through an ability to adhere to fundamental steps in the process, such as allowing the vines to follow nature’s course, respecting the soil, and a focus on sustainable practices at all stages of production.

Increasing the visibility of top quality products that also show respect for the environment is the goal of this year’s edition, and choosing a panel of world-renowned judges is the first step.

Whilst the bar is set high, past editions have proved the award-winning potential of organic and biodynamic wines. So who can join the selection? Wine Without Walls is open for registration to wineries whose wines are certified as organic under EU Regulation (EC) N. 203/201, certified as biodynamic or, alternatively, are under conversion to organic farming. This focus on certification is vital in demonstrating the commitment these wineries have to longevity in the category.

Monty Waldin, General Chairman of Wine Without Walls

On April 15th, 16th, and 17th wines entered in Wine Without Walls will be blind tasted by a dedicated jury of professionals who specialize in biodynamic and organic wine. The members of the panel are chosen from around the world and will be led by Monty Waldin, author and expert consultant for wines in this category. Here’s what he said about the judges and the scientific committee: “Not only does 5StarWines – the Book attract globally renowned Masters of Wine and Sommeliers as judges, it also reels in viticulturists and oenologists, as well as marketing, branding and sales experts. Therefore, the mix of judges means each wine not only gets tasted by different palates, but also by minds whose interpretations can be as diverse as they are synergistic regarding styling, value for money or terroir expression.”

Waldin got into wine as a teenager and never lost his passion, rather, he developed a specialization in organic and biodynamic winegrowing following the way his grandparents used to take care of their farming. He is a spokesperson on topics such as recycling green waste, winter pruning and winemaking, processes that lead to the production of wine with a unique sense of place, ones that lessen their environmental footprint.

Products entered into the Wine Without Walls category undergo the same strict blind tasting as any other 5StarWines entrant, but with a dedicated expert panel accustomed to this specific category. Organic and biodynamic wines that obtain a score of 90/100 or above are then included in the special Wine Without Walls section of 5StarWines – the Book. In addition to being an important acknowledgment and an informative contribution to the global wine industry, the guide is also an effective promotional and commercial tool; distributed to an international audience of commercial operators and sector professionals. The dedicated trophies are “Best Winery – Wine Without Walls” and “Best Wine – Wine Without Walls”, and they will be distributed at the dedicated Grand Tasting on April 21st, together with 5StarWines Trophies.

We are in excited anticipation of this event, set to take place in Verona on April 15th-17th, we remind those wishing to sign up that registration will be open until March 20th, however, all wineries that register before February 28th will receive a 10% discount.

5StarWines – the Book is the annual wine selection organized by Veronafiere; held in the lead-up to the biggest Italian wine fair in the world, the event is now in its fourth edition . 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls  is a three-day tasting aimed at shedding light on wineries investing in the improvement of their products. During the event, a highly qualified panel of wine professionals will taste and score -using a 100-point scale- participating wines. In the last edition, over 3000 bottles took part in the competition and 676 were selected , making it on the 5StarWines – the Book. The Guide  is a useful tool both on the promotional and commercial side. It introduces international buyers and wine lovers to new wine products of great value. It guarantees wine quality and it maintains and certifies their value at an international level.



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